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-luxury quality hand, body and hair soap

-suitable for 4* hotels & executive bathrooms

-contains quality moisturiser to protect skin

-tough on dirt but very soft on your skin

-it contains a very pleasant fregrance

-very long lasting & very cost effective



Evans Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash

Liquid hand washes have become morepopular over the years. They are now popularly used in homes, schools hospitals and other commercial establishments and are a permanent resident in most kitchens and bathrooms. A good reason why more people are buying hand washes is that they are less messy and less prone to bacterial growth.

Many diseases are spread by bacteria left on the hand and skin. Adults and children should create a culture of bathing regularly and washing hands after every visit to the toilet. Washing your hands is a simple procedure that will keep bacteria at bay and not affect you if you maintain high standards of hygiene.

Schools and public places are now embracing the liquid washes culture and placing them in convenient locations for people to use. The practice is to eliminate any chances of bacteria forming a breeding ground on the hands and skin. Finding the right hand and body wash is the first step to living a free bacteria and skin irritation life.

Features of Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash

• It forms a luxurious and creamy lather.
• It has thorough cleaning action.
• It contains moisturizer to protect the skin.
• It has an attractive pearl liquid with a refreshing fragrance.
• Superior pink liquid for hand, hair and body wash.
• Ideal addition to any bathroom and kitchen.
• Suitable for a refillable wall mount soap dispensers.
• Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash is eco-friendly.
• It is affordable.

How Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash works.

Pink pearl hand & body wash is often placed on sinks where people can use it with ease without forgetting. A drop of the liquid soap forms lather on your hands that kills bacteria that is in contact with your skin. When using Pink Pearl & Body Wash to wash your body, place enough of the liquid soap in your bathtub to ensure all the pathogens on the skin are eliminated, and dead skin is removed. Rinse your hands and body under running water and dry with a clean towel. The moisturizer in the Pink Pearl & Body Wash is enough to leave your hands, hair and body soft and free from irritation.

When should you use Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash?

• Before eating
• Before, during and after handling food.
• Before and after caring for a sick person.
• After visiting hospitals and other health care facilities.
• Before and after treating an open wound.
• After visiting the washroom
• Before and after changing the baby’s diaper.
• After blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing.
• After handling garbage.

There are many occasions and situations that an individual should use Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash. Once you feel that you use your hands or other body parts to handle dirty surfaces, wash immediately. Washing your hands is never too much and will prevent spreading of germs.

How should you wash your hands using Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash?

• Wet your hands with clean running water. The water could be warm or cold and never hot.
• Close the tap to prevent wastage, squeeze a drop of Pink Pearl Hand & body Wash on your palm.
• Rub your hands together to form a lather. Keep rubbing your hand in a circular fashion. Scrub the back of your hand, on the nail beds and under the nails and also on your jewelry.
• Clean your hands for about 30 seconds.
• Rinse your hands under running water until all the lather is off your hands.
• Repeat the procedure if all the dirt did not come out. You can use a hand scrubber to remove all the stuck grime.
• Dry your hands with a clean towel.

Benefits of using Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash.

• Saves you time. With a drop of Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash in your palm, it will take you close to 40 seconds to get your hands clean and dry. It is better compared to other soaps in the market.
• Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash has good ingredients that improve your skin’s health and appearance. Your skin appears soft, glowy and moisturized.
• Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash is good in preventing skin itchiness and irritations.
• School and workplaces that have mounted Pink Pearl Hand & Body wash in their bathrooms have a reduced number of absenteeism caused by stomach and skin complications.
• Children learn fast how to use the Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash to wash their hands at the same time have fun doing it.
• In health Care facilities, Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash helps to reduce chances of transmission. Hand wash is critical in hospitals. Hospital staffs use the liquid soap before and after handling patients.
• Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash is better in preventing and reducing diarrhea and intestinal complications. Use Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash to reduce chances of stomach problems especially in children.
• Lowers risk of respiratory infection. Pathogens that cause respiratory problems are found on hand and skin surfaces. Making hand washing a priority reduces such cases with a significant margin.
• Prevents eye infections. Eye infections such as trachoma are fatal and cause blindness. It is sad to see such cases, yet they can be avoided with a simple washing routine using Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash.

Why is Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash good for daily use?
Washing your hands, hair, and body with a right amount of soap is necessary to keep all illness causing pathogens at bay. People with skin problems such as eczema should use soap that is tender to their skin to avoid further damage. Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash has low PH levels t ensure that it does not corrode your skin. Avoid all soaps that are high in acidity and alkaline.

How to properly care for your hands.

Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash clears germs and bacteria from your hands, hair, and body but you have to go a step further to maintain proper hygiene. Taking care of your skin is important as skin the barrier of most infections, yet it is most exposed.

• Apply a good lotion or cream after washing your body or hands.
• Protect your hands with rubber gloves if you use water frequently during the day. Wear gloves when washing dishes and carrying out house chores.
• Consult your doctor as soon as you notice any changes on your hands and skin.

Precaution when using Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash.

• Do not use the Pink Pearl Hand & Body Wash or any other soap on open wounds.
• If ingested, rinse the mouth with plenty of clean water and visit your physician immediately.
• Keep away from small children.
• It does not cause a mess on since especially at workplaces.
• Always wash your hands carefully with plenty of water.


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