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Evans Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner 5L


-organic degreaser & general cleaner extracted from orange peel

-super concentrated cleaning product designed to be long lasting

-superb cleaning power and super cleaning speed

-eco friendly cleaning product – made from organic products


Evans Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner – Where to use

Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner is an eco friendly degreaser and general cleaning product that was designed to remove grease and body fats from multiple areas. This super perfumed cleaner is well known for removing dirt from shower glass, mirrors, general bathroom fittings etc. Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner is also a brilliant kitchen cleaning product due to its high degreasing qualities. Very powerful floor cleaning product that is well known for its efficiency in removing grease and general dirt with ease while refreshing the place at the same time.


Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner – How to use

Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner can be used with all classic cleaning systems and with a floor cleaning machine. For bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning use with a spray and wipe system. Just spray, wait 5 seconds and wipe with a rag or a cloth. For daily mopping add 1 part of Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner to 10 parts of hot water and mop as usual. It will remove dirt on impact. For machine use you will have to assess the job and you can use a lower or higher dilution. Very low foam and highly perfumed.


Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner – Dilution

The dilution ratio can be increased or decreased with the job. If you need Appel Hard Surface Cleaner for daily kitchen maintenance use a dilution of 1 to 50. If you need Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner for heavy duty bathroom or kitchen cleaning jobs use 1 to 10. If you need Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner for daily floor cleaning and maintenance in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine the dilution ratio can go to 1 to 100.


Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner – Safety

Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner is a low risk cleaning product and also eco friendly. This superb cleaning product should not affect your health in any way but if you are using it daily use of gloves would be recommended.


Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner – Recommendations

This cleaning product is a professional cleaning product that is suitable for domestic and commercial use. It can be used for light cleaning jobs with the correct dilution and for heavy duty cleaning jobs as well. Its strong perfume might not be suitable for some commercial kitchens. If you are looking for an eco friendly cleaning product with high degreasing qualities at affordable rates, please try Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner. Dirty shower glass? Lime build ups? Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner will sort it out.


Apeel Hard Surface Cleaner – eco friendly just got better!

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