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Cleanfast Glass & Furniture Polish

Cleanfast Furniture & Glass Polish

-water based wax polish suitable for cleaning & polishing

-suitable to use on furniture, glass, leather, paintwork,plastic

-will remove haze, smudges, light oils, grease, film, dust

-will clean with ease & leave a perfect streak free surface

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning & polishing

-to be used undiluted, spray & wipe until the surface is dry

Cleanfast Furniture & Glass Polish - Where to use

Universal water based wax polish. It can be used for cleaning and maintenance. Suitable to use on glass, mirrors, plastic, chrome, plastic, leather, paintwork, etc. It will clean quickly and will enhance the surface on which it was applied. Highly recommended for cleaning and polishing furniture and antique wood. It will leave a streak free surface. To be used undiluted. Do not mix with any other cleaning products to avoid reactions.

Cleanfast Furniture & Glass Polish - How to use

Just spray over the surface and scrub lightly until the surface is dry. Buff well with a dry cloth to bring up the gloss. Cleanfast Furniture & Glass Polish can also be used as a daily cleaner and maintainer. Spray on glass and mirrors and then buff in a circular motion with a dry cloth until the surface is glossy. Effective on leather surfaces also.

Try Cleanfast Furniture & Glass Polish today. Deep clean and polish all your glossy surface with our amazing universal water based wax. This product is manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Furniture & Glass Polish MSDS

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