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  • Universal disinfectant and sterilizing fluid
  • Suitable to use on most washable surfaces
  • A sodium hypochlorite based cleaning solution
  • Safe for use in food preparation areas
  • Very popular with schools & nursing homes
  • Highly concentrated and highly efficient
  • A sterilizing agent for sinks, walls, floors, drains
  • Not suitable for painted or varnished surfaces
  • This product is 4 times stronger than Milton Fluid
  • Active chlorine 4-5% / sodium hypochlorite
Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid - Where to use
A professional disinfectant and sterilizing product. It can be used to sterilize and disinfect most washable surfaces. It will clean and sanitise floors, walls, sinks, toilet drains, crockery, bottles, white fabrics, etc. This product is 4 times stronger than Milton Fluid. Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid is the ideal cleaning product for use in areas at high risk of bacterial infestations. One product for all your sterilization needs. This Irish made product outperforms most of its rivals and is highly rated by our customers.
Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid - How to use
This universal sterilizing fluid can be used with all types of cleaning systems. The product can be added to a mopping solution to disinfect floors or it can be used with a spray and wipe system to disinfect all types of washable surfaces. Just spray and wipe. Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid it will kill 99.9% of all known bad bacteria. An amazing disinfectant. Even better, this product is manufactured in Ireland.
Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid - Dilution
The recommended dilution ratio for this product is 1 on 60 for general cleaning and disinfecting operations or it can be used undiluted to sanitize urinals & toilet bowls. Do not use on steel or very sensitive surfaces.
Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid

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