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Craftex Micro Kill

-super efficient anti bacterial and virucidal cleaner

-recommended for hospitals, nursing homes, bars

-market leader for its high dilution rate - 1 to 200 

-efficient on floors, walls, toilets, painted surfaces

-kills bacteria instant and prevents it from spreading

-recommended for the food and hospitality industry


Craftex Micro Kill - Where to use


Craftex Micro Kill is the new big thing on Irish market. This product is the mother of all anti bacterials and virucidal cleaners. It is highly recommended for deep cleaning areas with high risks of infections like hospitals, nursing homes, labs, restaurants, etc. Craftex Micro Kill it is food safe and it can be used for cleaning and sanitizing all types of food processing businesses. It can be used for daily cleaning or deep cleaning of all types of surfaces that were infected with some type of bacteria. Safe to use on wood, painted surfaces, glass, polished surfaces, tiles, etc.  It can also be used for daily domestic cleaning. Suitable to use with all known cleaning methods.


Craftex Micro Kill - How to use


Craftex Micro Kill can be used in any way you want it. You can spray directly on the surface and wipe with a cloth. It can be added to a mopping solution. It can be used in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine. This product was designed to work fast and kill bacteria on impact. Very few antibacterials can get rid of such a wide range of bacterias and infections. Craftex Micro Kill contains no bleach, is not toxic in any way and it contains a pleasant floral perfume. This product is a certified virucidal cleaner. This product passes : EN1276, 13704, 14476, 14675.


Craftex Micro Kill - Dilution


This is a highly concentrated bactericidal virucidal cleaner that requires dilution. It can be diluted up to a rate of 1 to 200. The dilution rate can be decided on the spot and it will depend on the type of bacteria you plan to get rid off. For daily cleaning and maintenance, please use a dilution of 1 to 200. For deep cleaning please use a dilution of 1 to 100. For badly infected areas please use a dilution of 1 to 50. Using a higher concentration than needed it will just waste the product and it will cost you money for no reason.


Craftex Micro Kill - Cost effective


This superb antibacterial virucidal cleaner is not your classic cleaning product. It is designed to be used with a very high dilution rate, it is designed to get rid of a huge range of bacteria, it is safe to use on all hard surfaces, contains no b;each or other dangerous chemicals and it is a pretty affordable product. Craftex Micro Kill is ideal for daily office cleaning, school cleaning, pub cleaning , restaurant cleaning, etc. 5l of Craftex Micro Kill will make 1500 spray bottles of cleaning agent. Very few other antibacterials can achieve such results.


Try Craftex Micro Kill today and see what you think. This product is used by hundreds of commercial buildings all over the world. Many nursing homes or childminding businesses are using this product daily. This product ticks all the boxes.


Craftex Micro Kill - The most efficient virucidal ever invented

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