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-highly efficient unperfumed cleaner sanitiser

-it is suitable for cleaning in the food industry 

-suitable for walls, floors, ceilings, tiles, wood

-it will kill bacteria  and sanitise in one easy go

-it will leave no streaks and it will clean spotless

-ready to use product that requires no dilution 

-passes EN 1276 & EN 13697 at recommended dilution


Evans Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser Review

Your kitchen surfaces can be some of the filthiest areas in your home. From the sinks all through to the cutting boards and countertops, the surfaces harbour a plethora of microbes. The potential for bacteria is so high in the kitchen because you bring in uncooked meat and produce, which can introduce different kinds of bacteria. These range from Salmonella, Campylobacter, E coli and Listeria, to the hepatitis A virus, Salmonella, Shigella sonnei, Staphylococcus aureus, and rotavirus. The sink takes the crown- there's more E. coli in it than in your toilet bowl after you flush it. The drains alone can have over half a million bacteria per square inch. Most people use their countertops not only for food preparation, but also to keep items like grocery bags, mail, or other household objects that are probably contaminated. Food leaking or dripping from the top shelves of your refrigerator settles on the bottom shelf, creating a suitable habitat for the microbes. One of the greatest concerns in the food industry is foodborne illnesses due to cross contamination. The culprit is usually these dirty surfaces. Take your cutting board for instance. You're always preparing things like raw chicken on it, plus knives create tiny grooves on it, which form perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. In fact there can be over 200 times more faecal bacteria from raw meat on the cutting board, than on a toilet seat. You need a powerful product to clean and disinfect your kitchen surfaces. Turn to the Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser. 


Kitchen cleaning is more than just about aesthetics and hygiene. The safety of anyone using the kitchen is also a concern. Drips of maple syrup on the floor can cause a slip accident, while oil residue on your stove can start an all-out kitchen fire. With all the water, and sharp objects being handled in the kitchen, in addition to the high heat and electricity, you'll want to maintain a safe environment. No one wants to slip on last night’s margarita on the floor, or lose their home or restaurant to an inferno that started out in the kitchen. Keeping your kitchen surfaces clean with the Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser will prevent these calamities from occurring.


Benefits Of The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser

1. Thorough cleaner

The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser eliminates the grease, and heavy build-up of grime, plus food crumbs, flour and dust from your kitchen surfaces. It will clean the gunk from your sticky countertop, to the residue in the ice dispenser tray. The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser will cleanse all your kitchen's washable surfaces, from the shelves and cutting boards, to the tables, vending machines, shelves, kitchen equipment and even your refrigerator. 


2. Sanitises

You get to remove the germs from your kitchen surfaces and actually destroy them. The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser comes with disinfectant properties to kill the microbes crawling over your kitchen surfaces. It passes EN 1276 under dirty conditions at 1:25 with a 30 second contact time.


3. Specially designed for the food industry 

Culinary hygiene standards are high, and you want a product that's up to the task. The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser has been specially formulated for use on food contact surfaces, floors, walls and equipment. You can use it anywhere from your kitchen or restaurant to hotels and outdoor catering events. The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser also doesn’t come with fragrances, which makes it ideal for the food industry.


4. Makes your kitchen equipment more energy efficient

The build-up of dust and grime is expensive, when it comes to your energy bills at the end of the month. For instance, when your refrigerator's condenser coils get dirty, the compressor is forced to run longer, and it'll get hotter. In addition to consuming more power, it will increase the heat in your kitchen, making you feel like you’re working in an oven. Your air conditioner will need more power to bring down the temperature. That's more out of your wallet when the bills come calling. Your stove also gets affected. When the stove reflectors get layers of grime, it prevents them from reflecting the heat from the element back up to the pat or pan. That means you'll be spending more energy to cook on the stovetop. Even the oven gets covered up in gunk, which consumes more energy, and it also prevents the food from getting cooked evenly. Prevent all these from happening by giving the appliances a thorough clean using the Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser. 


5. Economical

First, it is affordable, giving you superior cleaning action without denting your wallet. Secondly, it’s concentrated, meaning you only need a little product for every cleaning task. In addition, the Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser comes in 5L bottles for cost efficiency. 


How To Use The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser


Follow these steps for cleaning different surfaces:

· Cleaning hard surfaces and equipment (like countertops and cutting boards)

1. Dilute the Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser with clean water, using a 1:25 ratio (such as mixing 200ml of product with 5L of water). You can use the cleaning solution in your preferred container, with spray bottles being the popular option due to their convenience.

2. Spray the surface.

3. Wipe with a clean cloth.

4. Rinse using clean water.

5. Allow to dry.


· General cleaning (such as for our floors and walls)

1. Dilute using a 1:50 ratio (like 100ml of Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser with 5L of water).

2. Mop or wipe the surface.

3. Allow to air dry.


Tips For Using The Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser


· Always wash your worktops with the Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser before preparing food. Also wash them thoroughly after food preparation, especially if you were dealing with raw foods like poultry, meat, vegetables and even raw eggs. 

· Wipe up food spills immediately, to prevent them from staining the surfaces.

· Remember to clean the trash cans, doorknobs, stove handles, faucets, and refrigerator handles with the Est-eem Unperfumed Cleaner Sanitiser as you do your general cleaning.

· Wash kitchen cloths and sponges regularly, and allow them to dry before using them again. Wiping your counters with a dirty sponge only transfers the bacteria from one item to another.

· Keep your household stuff off your kitchen countertops. Things like your keys, purse and mail transport bacteria from the outside onto the surface. For instance, your purse has been on store cabinets and your office desk, while the mail has been through many hands before landing on the countertop.

· It's recommended that you use different cloths for different cleaning jobs. For instance, you can use one for the worktops, and another for the walls. This is to prevent cross contamination.


Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser RTU - Professional results for less

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