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-multi use spray polish suitable for most surfaces

-leaves a long lasting deep clean shine

-this spray polish has great anti static qualities

-cost effective product that will last for long

-brilliant on wood or antique furniture

-long lasting glossy finish



Evans L.S. P Liquid Spray Polish – Where to use

Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is a multi use spray polish. It can be used on any type of surface without any risks. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is particularly efficient on old antique furniture. It will restore the natural shine of the wood without making it looking artificial. You can use Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish to clean computer screens & glass surfaces. Its anti static qualities makes it ideal for such jobs. Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish can be used as a general cleaning product. Superb results when polishing stainless steel surfaces. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish is a neutral cleaning product so it is safe to use on any type of hard surface.


Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish – How to use

This is a spray polish so the only way of using it is to spray it directly on the surface that you plan to clean and then wipe it off with a clean rag or cloth. L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish comes in 5L and 750 ml spray bottle that can be refilled. Just spray & wipe for best results.


Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish – Dilution

This is a ready to use general polish cleaner and requires no dilution.


Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish – Safety

This product has very low risk levels. Represents no risk to pets or humans. If you plan to use it for long periods of times use of gloves would be recommended. Store safely out of reach of children and out of direct sunlight.


Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish – Recommendation

If you have ever wondered how some peoples’ furniture is so shiny and clean, here is your answer. They use L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish. This super product will make your dull looking furniture look like new again. Just spray & polish. A truly beautiful product that provides results instantly. Highly recommended for the commercial market.


Evans L.S.P Liquid Spray Polish – fast acting liquid spray polish!



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