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Evans Lime Disinfectant

-one of the most affordable concentrated antibacterial cleaners

-suitable for bathroom cleaning, floor cleaning & hard surface cleaning

-kills bacteria on impact & helps prevent the spread of infections

-has a strong, long lasting lime perfume, disinfects surfaces instantly


 Evans Lime Disinfectant – Where to use

Evans Lime Disinfectant is a general anti bacterial cleaning product that is suitable for use on most surfaces. Highly recommended for floor & bathroom cleaning. Daily use of Evans Lime Disinfectant will help prevent the spread of infections. This brilliant anti bacterial general cleaner is the perfect cleaning product for school cleaning, public bathroom cleaning, gyms, etc. Affordable, efficient & very long lasting, the ideal cleaning product.


Evans Lime Disinfectant – How to use

The best way of using Evans Lime Disinfectant is your own way. You can wash and refresh any type of floor with any mopping system. You can use it in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine. You can use it with a spray & wipe system. Remember, Evans Lime Disinfectant has a strong lemon fragrance so it is only suitable to use in areas where a strong perfumed cleaner is suitable. Evans Lime Disinfectant is a cleaner and odour neutraliser as well. While you wash a surface you will also deodorise the whole area.


Evans Lime Disinfectant – Dilution

What makes Evans Lime Disinfectant such a great cleaning product is its high dilution ratio. If you plan to use this strong anti bacterial cleaner as a floor cleaner you will need to use a dilution ratio of 1 to 200. For spray & wipe systems use 1 to 100. If you need deep clean floors use a dilution that is more suitable with the place that you plan to clean. Lower the dilution rate, stronger the perfume. For daily floor maintenance dilute 1 to 200 at least.


Evans Lime Disinfectant – Safety

There are no major health risks associated with use of Evans Lime Disinfectant. It contains a strong lemon perfume so some people might not like it. Use a pair of gloves if you plan to use it for long periods of time.


Evans Lime Disinfectant – Recommendation

If you need a highly perfumed anti bacterial general cleaner you should consider Evans Lime Disinfectant. One of the most cost effective disinfectants out there with the strongest lemon perfume. Superb dilution ratio and brilliant antibacterial qualities.



Evans Lime Disinfectant – helps prevent bacteria spreading

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