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-very powerful heavy duty hard surface cleaner

-it contains a very pleasant & refreshing perfume

-suitable to use on all types of washable surfaces

-very efficient with all spray & wipe cleaning systems

-suitable for commercial or domestic cleaning jobs

-it will require dilution for for daily maintaince jobs

-one of the most cost effective hard surfae cleaners


Evans Mystrol Hard Surface Cleaner



Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner Review

Hygiene is vital for healthy living. Most people find a challenge in cleaning surfaces because they do not see any change and therefore seek professional cleaners. Cleaning chores can be easy if you have a cleaner that makes your work easier and you do not have to spend most of the time scrubbing. Most homes and workplaces have floor surfaces such as tiles, hardwood, marble and carpets which over time can show built up dirt if you are not cleaning the places regularly or you are using a wrong multipurpose detergent.


School and commercial floors and surfaces come into contact with a lot of germs each day.if people are not careful they can spread the germs and end up getting ill especially with stomach related complications.It is necessary to educate your cleaning staff and members of your family on how to clean surfaces and clean it properly.Once they are aware of the risks that dirty floors and walls pose, they will often be cleaning.After construction cleaning is also a chore that people hate.yes it is usually tiresome especially with the cement buildups if you are not using Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner.



Feature of Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner

• Ideal for tough cleaning jobs

• It has a refreshing lemon perfume

• Suitable for all washable surfaces

• It performs well on wipe off cleaning systems.

• Multipurpose cleaner & degreaser

• It has a neutral PH level ideal to clean tiles, enamel, and marble surfaces

• Leaves the room smelling fresh

• It has all natural cleaning ingredients.

• Removes ingrained dirt, grease, and oils

• Affordable


Ingredients of Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner


• Chlorine bleach

• Hydrochloric acid

• Citric acid

• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

• Lemon fragrance



How to clean your floors using Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner

• Clear the area you are cleaning. Remove all the furniture that will hinder your movement when cleaning the floors. Send anyone who is likely to step where you are cleaning outside to avoid dirt contamination.


• Sweep the floor. Use a broom to sweep the floor to clear all the visible dirt such as hair crumbs and other solid debris. You do not want to scratch your sensitive floors with particles if you mop before sweeping.


• Read the Mystrol instruction carefully and follow them to the letter.


• Place Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner into the bucket and fill with enough warm water t cover the mop. The ratio of Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner should be reasonable and also depend on the degree of dirt on the floors. Again you do not want to have a very foamy and slippery floor when mopping


• Dip the mop in the Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner solution and let it absorb the cleaner thoroughly. If the mop was dry and stiff, it needs to loosen up.


• Wring the excess Mystrol all Purpose Cleaner solution out of the mop. If the floor is too dirty, it is best if you let the solution sit on the floor for a few minutes to dissolve the dried grime then later mop to get rid of grimy water.


• Always start mopping from one corner towards the exit.Move the mop in figure eight fashion and mop over spots with stubborn stains with a little pressure.


• Those spots that have persistent dirt or buildup use a scrubbing brush and Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner solution to scrub off the dirt.


• Rinse the room well and let it air dry.



Where to use Mystrol all Purpose Cleaner


• Windows and mirrors.

• Countertops and cabinets

• After general construction cleaning

• Washrooms and bathrooms

• Indoor and outdoor furniture

• Commercial and industrial cleaning purposes

• Garage and kitchen towels

• All kitchen cleaning needs.



How Mystrol all Purpose Cleaner works.

Mystrol All Purpose removes all soil and spillages such as food particles, drinks stains, oils and grease and general traffic dirt from floors and surfaces. It is ideal for waxed surfaces and polished floors, walls glass and surfaces that require low foaming detergent.


Advantages of using Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner

• Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner performs well in loosening dirt quickly and leaves floors and other surfaces germ-free and spotless.

• Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner does the entire job for you. The extra energy that you use for scrubbing you can save it for something else. Since it loosens the dirt all you have to do is clear and rinse the surface or towels.

• After construction cleaning maybe a hard chore. Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner cleans efficiently, and you will not need to hire professional cleaners.

• Mystrol all Purpose Cleaner is proved to be environmental friendly.

• Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner serves all your cleaning needs. You do not need to buy window, toilet and kitchen cleaners. It is an all purpose cleaner that does all the cleaning efficiently.

• It saves you the cost of buying several cleaning detergents.

• Mystrol all Purpose Cleaner leaves your house smelling fresh and clean.

• It kills all germs and bacteria breeding on your floors and surfaces hence reducing illnesses and skin irritations caused by germs.


Tips on how to maintain your surfaces clean


After cleaning with Mystrol All Purposes on your floors, countertops, and other surfaces, it’s important to keep the cleanliness.

• Clean any soiling immediately. Stains from drinks destroy floors made of hardwood and bamboo. Any dirt build up, makes the house have a foul smell.

• After using any disposals throw them in the trash can. Placing trash cans strategically in different rooms act as a reminder of where to dispose dirt.

• Read a cleaner’s or detergent read the ingredients and instructions. Some ingredients may not favor your hardwood and bamboo floors. You do not want to purchase a cleaner that will corrode your floors and surfaces.

• Clean surface and floors often. Do not wait until the dust on the floors is visible. Clean them as often especially if you have children and pets.

• Close windows and doors when its windy to avoid dust on clean surfaces


Safety precautions to practice when using Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner


• Before starting any cleaning, wear protective gear to protect spillage on your clothing and your body. Rubber gloves, overalls, and eye protector are some protective gear.

• Store in safe, dry place and out of reach of children. Do not store with other oxidants and chemicals.

• Dispose of empty Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner following the rules and regulations of your local area.

• In the case of any incidents of ingestion and eye contact visit your doctor immediately.


Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner 750ML

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