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Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML

  • A multi surface cleaning product manufactured from premium quality components

  • It can be used on all painted & varnished surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic, copper

  • It contains natural ingredients, PH neutral, ready to use, suitable for residential use

  • It will easily remove food residue, grease, fat, dark stains, oils, enzymes & others

  • Badly impregnated and stained surfaces will require a number of cleaning operations

  • The product contains no perfume, no bleach, no harsh chemicals & is residue free

  • It can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of washable surfaces

  • Safe to use on all sealed and unsealed surfaces | It does not bleach the surface

  • It is an effective antibacterial and surface disinfectant | Sold in a 500 ML spray bottle

  • It leaves the surfaces spotless, streak free, residue free and it evaporates instantly

  • Manufactured by the Danish brand Nordicare from the best plant extract materials

Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML | Why Use It

If you looking for a highly effective hard surface cleaner that cleans fast, leaves no residue and is manufactured from a blend of natural and eco-friendly ingredients, then you should check out the new Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML. The product is ready to use so no dilution is required. It works amazingly fast and it leaves the surface spotless and streak free. Its main advantages are its soft natural composition and its effectiveness against a wide range of dirt. Unlike other cheap multi surface cleaners, the new Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML has no perfume, it can be used around food cooking or processing areas, it is allergies safe, it is PH neutral and it will not dull up the surface even after prolonged use. 

Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML | Where To Use It

This fine quality multi cleaner is compatible with all water washable surfaces. A premium quality cleaner and maintainer for all kinds of day to day cleaning projects. Safe to clean mirrors, glass tables and windows, frames, it can be used on all painted and varnished surfaces, safe to use on old and new furniture, compatible with all plastic, chrome & copper surfaces, great on computer screens and TVs and perfect for cleaning and maintaining stone or wood worktops. One product for all your cleaning projects. It works fast and it breaks down all kinds of dark stains from all surfaces. Suitable for residential use.

Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML | How To Use It

This is a surface cleaner and maintainer. It is recommended for day to day cleaning and maintenance projects. Not suitable for heavy duty kitchen cleaning projects. Remove all the large residue from the surface and pre-spray the whole area with the new Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML. Allow a few seconds of direct contact and then lightly scrub the whole surface with a microfiber cloth. When dealing with dirtier than usual surfaces you might have to pre-spray and then scrub the surface a number of times before noticeable results are achieved. While the product is PH neutral and very safe, it should be kept away from children and pets. Very glossy surfaces, like glass and porcelain surfaces might require a dry buffing with a dry microfiber cloth after the surface has dried. 

Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML | Recommendations

Do not spray the product on live electrical equipment. Do not spray directly onto food. Do not dilute the product (the product is ready for use). Do not mix up the product with any other hard surface cleaners from Nordicare or any other brand. Very dirty surfaces might require a deep clean with a stronger degreaser and then maintained with the new Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML. Not suitable for oven cleaning jobs. 

Nordicare Multi Clean 500 ML

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