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• High performing, alcohol based, ready to use liquid
• Removes grease and soil and leaves a streak free finish
• For use in all types and grades of stainless steel surfaces
• Unperfumed, suitable wherever food is prepared or served
• Affordable, efficient and very cost effective cleaning product


S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel adds an image of elegance and style to any kitchen or space. The good thing is that stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean if you learn how to clean them properly. The finger prints, dark spots, and greasy smudges that appear as soon as you clean your surfaces can discourage you on maintaining clean stainless steel. You do not have to lose hope on your stainless steel interior decor, finding the right detergent is the first step to having a good relationship with your stainless steel surfaces. S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner is designed to meet all your clean surfaces desire and leave them sparkling for a long time.

Features of S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner

-It is a high performing cleaner
-It is alcohol based cleaner meaning it is a ready to use product
-It can be utilized in all types and grades of stainless steel.
-It is efficient for clean results.
-It clears grease, soil, and dust and leaves a streak free finish.
-It is unperfumed, perfect for using in food preparation areas.
-It’s used in a trigger spray
-It is affordable

Benefits of S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner

1. Longevity.
Stainless steel surfaces are smooth and do not absorb dirt or liquids, and that is why they have an impressive lifespan. Compared to stone and wooden products which you will have to change once in a while, stainless steel is worth your money. S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner also last longer since the surfaces do not require a lot of the cleaner to clear the dirt on it. With a few sprays on the stainless steel surface, the cleaner can clean a big area compared to other substandard products in the market.

2. Efficient
Dirt and grime stuck on your stainless steel surfaces can portray a bad picture to your family and friends. When you use cleaning products that do not meet high cleaning standards you end up using a lot of energy scrubbing the surfaces and you may end up spoiling them. S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner cares for your surfaces and cleans and leaves the sparkling. The cleaner’s effect stays on the surface for a long time and repels any dirt that comes into contact.

3. Improves your style.
Stainless steel surfaces are stylish and unique. Individuals who have furnished their kitchens with stainless steel always get compliments from their friends and family. When you have such a kitchen, you need a cleaner that matches it. S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner is designed to meet your style needs. When you use the cleaner on your stainless steel surfaces, they will remain as clean as new. The fact that the cleaner does not corrode your stainless surfaces, you are assured of always having a good mood as soon as you see you enter your kitchen.

4. Affordable.
S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner is affordable. The fact that it cleans not only stainless steel surfaces, but also other surfaces such as glass windows, glossy surfaces and marble floors makes it stand out from other cleaners in the market. You can use to wipe kitchen counter tops and cabinets instead of changing detergents.

5. Eco-friendly
Everyone needs a cleaner that will not harm their environment. With S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner you are assured that your plants in and outside the house are safe and will continue growing healthily. S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner ingredients only counter attack dirt aggressively but do not harm plants and animals. Follow your local area disposal procedures to get rid of the empty S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner containers.

How to use S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner

1. Clear the area you want to clean. You can remove anything that may hinder you from cleaning properly. Also, clear any food particles on the stainless surfaces and any other visible debris.

2. Gather all your cleaning gear in one are to avoid moving around once you start cleaning. You will need a towel, pair of rubber gloves and S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner

3. S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner is ready to use product. Start spraying from the farthest corner. Let the cleaner sit on the surfaces for a few seconds. Start wiping the solution with a towel.

4. Continue spraying and wiping until you are done with the surface you wanted to clean.

5. Let the surface dry before you start using it again.

6. If some parts of the stainless steel surface did not entirely clear the dirt, repeat the procedure until you are satisfied with the results.

How to care for stainless steel surfaces

1. Handle stainless steel with gloves if you can. When working on stainless steel one leave finger marks and stains behind which make the surface appear unattractive.

2. Use clean rags when wiping stainless steel surfaces. Avoid using rags that are oily and greasy to wipe the surface. The oil will be passed from the rag to the surface.

3. Have a cleaning routine. When cleaning your windows, doors and floors, do not forget to clean your stainless steel surfaces too using the S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner.

4. On outdoor stainless steel surfaces rinse thoroughly with clean water.

5. Do not use cleaners or detergents that contain chloride as an ingredient.

6. It is advisable to use liquid cleaners such as S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner. Even the finest powder cleaners can scratch stainless steel surfaces.

7. Take caution when wiping the surface. On polished stainless steel, wiping should be done in the same direction as the polish and not across.

8. Protective films and papers on stainless steel surfaces tend to age the surfaces. Smoking near stainless surfaces makes the surface appear dull.Avoid smoking in closed areas if you can.

9. Dry the stainless steel surfaces.

Condensation gathers up on surfaces causing dampness that can damage the stainless steel. Control condensation by keeping a fan in your house to control the moisture. Open windows when the house has high temperatures. When the weather is not too windy, you can open the windows to let the moisture dry out.

Safety precaution when using S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner

-Wear protective clothing such as rubber gloves and overalls when cleaning your surfaces. Eye protection too is important to cover your eyes from spillages.
-Always keep a reasonable distance when spraying your surfaces. That will make you safe from spills to your body.
-Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing near other oxidants.
-If ingested, flush the victim’s mouth with plenty of water and visit your doctor immediately
-Dispose empty S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner containers properly. Follow your local area rules and regulations on disposal.
-Before using S.S.C Stainless Steel Cleaner, read and understand the instruction and follow them to the letter.

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