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-heavy duty soap filled cleaning pads

-suitable for commercial & domestic use

-available in packs of 10 pads per bag

-recommended for deep cleaning ovens

-amazing results on stainless steel 

-manufactured for quality steel wool

Tough Cleaning Action With The Soap Filled Pads

Are you dealing with stubborn grime in your kitchen? Perhaps you’re having a hard time dealing with the greasy pots after an intense cooking activity. Burnt on food in pans is a common occurrence, leaving one with a tough cleaning job. There are situations where you can barely recognise your cookware because of the grime that has adhered strongly to its surfaces, made worse by the heat that hardened it. Dirt that’s stuck onto the stove and sinks is also a problem- which even puts the functionality of these units on the line. When it comes to units like the oven, the grease that is baked onto the interior walls affects the quality of the meals that are being prepared in it. It even creates fire hazard when too much grease residue builds up. Food that is crusted onto the dishes, the grime that accumulates around the drains- tough scrubbing tools are needed to get rid of them.  As such, steel wool soap pads have become a vital part of the kitchen cleaning arsenal.

During grilling season, including the summer cookouts and occasional backyard barbeque where you invite your friends and neighbours over, it also means that your grill will need a thorough clean. Here, grease splatters and carbon deposits on the grates and flavorizer bars call for an intensive cleaning process. Even when it comes to cars, perhaps you’re looking or a cleaning tool that you can use to give your chrome bumpers and grill a good scrub. Situations vary from one case to the next. Fortunately, the steel wool soap pads are nifty tools that have a wide scope of application. However, the quality of the product you use is key. After all, you don’t want to be in a situation where the pad crumbles in your hands in the middle of the cleaning due to a weak structure, forcing you to replace much sooner than you had anticipated. Rust is a major threat, and, in this case, you want a product whose design takes this into account, with attributes that can aid in combating the oxidation that the pads will no doubt be exposed to. All that’s needed for rusting to occur is oxygen and water- which are in abundant supply during the cleaning tasks. When selecting the steel wool soap pad to use for your particular needs, you also don’t want your skin getting irritated in the process. These Soap Filled Pads under review have been developed with emphasis on safety and effectiveness. 

Used for heavy duty cleaning

The pads, as is indicated by the name, are filled with soap, saturated from the inside out.  This contains a cocktail of detergents and other cleaning agents, to pH buffers and rust inhibitors. These provide the formulations needed to tackle the dirt spots, breaking them down chemically and aiding the mechanical scrubbing action with the steel wool. The rust inhibitors come in to protect the material from oxidation, thus giving you longer usage out of each particular product. Remember to allow the pad to dry after cleaning, and store it on a dry surface. 

Multiple applications

You can use the Soap Filled Pads for numerous tasks in and out of the house. Take the kitchen for instance. You get to clean the non-stick cookware, revitalise the oven racks, bring back the sparkle to your dishes, and remove the labels on the jars so that you can reuse them for other tasks. The Soap Filled Pads will deliver the thorough scrubbing that is needed. The agents in the soap emulsify the greasy residue, making the task much easier. In the bathroom, the Soap Filled Pads will enable you to remove the grime and hard water stains that cling onto the surfaces, restoring their sparkle. When it comes to the outdoors, the pads come in handy to remove the grease that has stuck to the BBQ grills, revive the gardening tools and even work on the patio furniture. Getting different Soap Filled Pads for the various applications will enable you to have a hygienic cleaning structure in place, avoiding issues where one unit is being used across the board. This also avoids the risk of cross contamination. Designate the pads for their areas of use, with those intended for the dishes and cooking equipment being different from those that are used on the bathroom surfaces, which will, in turn, be separate from the Soap Filled Pads designated for outdoor applications.

Tough Cleaning Action With The Soap Filled Pads

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