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Evans Spray & Wipe General Hard Surface Cleaner


-a ready to use general hard surface cleaner

-cleans fast and leaves no strakes on the surface

-brilliant glass cleaner, contains no added perfume

-it can be used with a spray and wipe system

-affordable, cost effective, PH neutral, concentrated



Evans Spray & Wipe – Where to use

Evans Spray & Wipe must be the most versatile general cleaner ever. This soft eco friendly product can be used on any surface. Just spray & wipe. Evans Spray & Wipe is the best office cleaning product due to its brilliant cleaning power and compatibility with all types of surfaces. Cleaning your glass table or your computer screen cannot be easier.  Evans Spray & Wipe will clean fast and streak free. Safe to use on painted surfaces, chrome, stainless steel, wood, plastic, floors, glass, etc. Evans Spray & Wipe has no perfume added so this has made it the perfect cleaning product for the food industry.


Evans Spray & Wipe – How to use

As its name says, just spray & wipe. Evans Spray & Wipe can be added to the mopping solution as well or if you wash floors with a floor scrubber you can add it to the solution tank. Cleans any surfaces that it touches and leaves no streaks. The most common way of using this cleaning product is with a spray & wipe system.


Evans Spray & Wipe – Dilution

This is a ready to use cleaning product that requires no dilution if used for general cleaning. For a mopping or machine cleaning system please dilute 1 to 50.


Evans Spray & Wipe – Safety

Evans Spray & Wipe cleaner is an eco friendly cleaning product with very low health risks. Wearing a pair of gloves should be the only protective equipment needed. Prolonged exposure to any chemical can irritate your skin.


Evans Spray & Wipe – Recommendation

Evans Spray & Wipe is a brilliant general cleaning product. You can use this product alone for all your cleaning needs. Highly recommended for daily office cleaning or light house cleaning. For heavy duty cleaning jobs you will need to use a stronger cleaning product.



Evans Clean & Wipe – the most universal cleaning product ever!


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