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-superb quality multi surface cleaner and sanitiser

-removes general soiling and cleans streak free

-tone cleaning product for all your cleaning needs

-suitable for cleaning laminate, glass, veneers, etc

-suitable for cleaning food displays & cooking area

-efficient, affordable, long lasting & eco friendly


Evans Spray & Wipe Multi Purpose Cleaner 750 ml


There are many different stubborn stains that stick to out bodies, our clothes, out furniture, etc. How disturbing is it when your biro pen leaks and the ink mixes with water and stains your expensive clothes, or residue from tobacco tar ctaches onto your white shirts, or smears on your couch and along the walls or hard surfaces get soiled from the heavy soils. Normally when kids are playing around the house and having fum, they get their little hands in all kinds of dirt and soils and sometimes play on the furniture and in your clothes and smear everything with dirt and sometimes however hard you try, you just can't seem to get rid of it. Well, you Dont have to worry anymore about that because there is a product that not only cleans everything and all those stains but it's also antibacterial. The spray & wipe general cleaner is the perfect detergent in this case.

Just like the name suggests, its for general cleaning and had been proven to remove all the mentioned stains.


Below are some of the many advantages of using the spray & wipe general cleaner for cleaning your home and office as well if need be.


Advantages of using the spray & wipe general cleaner


Its very general. A product that not only cleans one type of stain but several others is one you need. With the introduction of different foods and appliances, there are many stains which we can completely account for all the time and some of them stick to the surfaces and the clothes and hence you need a special kind of cleaner that will remove those sticking stains and leave your area spotless. Whether it's biro ink stains, food stains, smears, soils, etc, the spray & wipe general cleaner cleans it all.


It leaves no strakes and cleans very fast. This means that it can comfortably and safely be used on painted surfaces, plastic, wood and other delicate surfaces because it leaves no marks. The spray & wipe general cleaner cleans the dirt completely leaving no strikes behind. There are many cleaners that clean the surfaces and clothes and furniture's but leave marks and strikes behind making the place even worse because it doesn't clear properly but this cleaner does no such thing. It leaves the glass clear and stainless, the steel shining, the surfaces and clothes clear with no marks. Besides that it cleans very fast. It does not take time to clean the dirt and soils. It works within a matter of minutes. You dont have to linger on one spot for long periods of time, you only take as much time as is needed on one spot and its clean.


Cleans stainless steel, glass, walls, tiles and other delicate surfaces. This is to say that the spray & wipe general cleaner can be used to clean many different surfaces. It does not only wash off smoke stains and smears, it cleans many other different surfaces and this makes it very versatile. The spray & wipe general cleaner can be used in many different environments like the home, the office, on your children's clothing's, porcelain, white goods, laminates surfaces on the walls, etc. 


With the spray & wipe general cleaner, you only have to spray and clean. A cleaner that does not require much effort is one that is very welcome for use. Most of them need hard scrubbing of the surfaces but this cleans the surface perfectly. One does not have to take a lot of time to clean the places, all you need to do is spyay it and then clean and you're done.


It's very affordable as well. The spray & wipe general cleaner is very affordable in terms of price. Unlike many other cleaners, this one can be well purchased by different social classes. Its good prices make it very convenient for professional cleaners and office use too. They only spend a little money to buy the cleaner and use just a little bit of it and hence they make a lot of profit.


Some of the cleaners like this one have perfume. Apart from cleaning perfectly and using less effort, the spray & wipe general cleaner has a lingering sweet smell that stays on your clothes, surfaces, glass, porcelain, etc. In case the area is sensitive, there is no need to be alarmed, it does not have any negative side effects to your things, it just leaves everything smelling good and fills up the room with either a lemon smell or other nice perfumes. Its very fresh smelling and natural, this eliminates the overwhelming strong smell that some cleaners have that give you a headache instead.


Its also very eco friendly and has minimised health risks. One does not have to worry about damage to the children or the environment at large. It has low chemical compositions and its not too concentrated as well which allows for it to be used in any chosen environmental surroundings. The spray & wipe general cleaner is absolutely risk free.


It's ready to use. The spray & wipe general cleaner is already diluted and requires no dilution in order to use it unlike other cleaners that need warm water to be diluted, this one is prepared and all you need to do is spray and clean the surface.


How to use the spray & wipe general cleaner


Basically, the name speaks for the cleaner, all you need to do is spray and wipe. There is not much needed when it comes to using this cleaner.

In case you're using mopping solution to clean your floors you can add the spray & wipe general cleaner to the solution and the same applies if you're using solution tank. You just open up the lid and add a little of the spray & wipe general cleaner to the solution you're using. 

It cleans whatever surface it touches immediately. The most effective and commonly used method to clean your surfaces using this cleaner though is just to spray and wipe.

In conclusion, one should have this cleaner in their home because of how convenient and effective it is for cleaning your house appliances, walls, glasses and other areas around.

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