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Evans Descale

  • Professional heavy duty machine cleaner and descaler from Evans

  • Removes scale from automatic dishwashers and glasswashers

  • Fast acting, low environmental impact, safe to use on stainless steel

  • Highly concentrated, highly acidic and superb results guaranteed

  • To be added diluted directly inside the machine to descale the fittings

  • Can be used to descale pipes, machines, kettles & other systems

  • Highly recommended for commercial kitchens & catering industry

Evans Descale - Where to use

Most automatic dishwashers and glass washers are likely to build up limescale deposits. Areas with hard water will have an even worse affect on your catering equipment. There is an easy solution to treat and descale your equipment. Try the new Evans Descale and restore the original look of your equipment. Evans Descale is a highly concentrated acidic descaler suitable for removing heavy duty limescale deposits from inside dish/glass washing equipment, kettles, drains, pipes, etc. The product will break apart the limescale nearly instantly and it will prevent machines breaking down or parts getting corrosion.  It can be used for heavy duty industrial use and domestic use.

Evans Descale - How to use

If you are descaling an automatic dish/glass washing machine you can add it to the cleaning solution tank and then put the machine on for a full clean without any dishes or glass inside. Regular machine descaling will prevent permanent damage to your system and it will help with the smooth operation of the machine. If you are descaling kettles or water tanks, add the product directly around the affecting area, allow 10-30 min to react and rinse off well. The product is very acidic so any item treated with it will require proper rinse off or cleaning before use. 

Do not wait until your dish washing machine stops working. Parts that are covered in limescale will not work properly and will just waste your money. Descale your dish/glass washing equipment once per week to avoid permanent damage to your equipment.

Evans Descale

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