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Evans Oven Cleaner 750 ML

€8.29 Ex Tax: €6.74

Evans Oven Cleaner

  • Heavy duty highly concentrated commercial & domestic oven cleaner

  • Suitable for removing carbon burns, grease, fat deposits and food residue

  • Its thick gel like composition makes it the ideal cleaner for vertical surfaces

  • It will soften up black carbon burns in a matter of minutes, very active

  • Not suitable to use on painted surfaces, chrome, polished surfaces, wood

  • Highly recommended for commercial deep kitchen cleaning services

  • Ready to use, no dilution required, never ever mix with other kitchen cleaners

  • Full protection required while using the product, gloves, goggles, mask

Evans Oven Cleaner - Where to use

This is one of the strongest and most efficient oven cleaners ever manufactured. The product can remove all types of grease and carbon deposits from inside the oven. It reacts instantly with all types of organic deposits and it will fully dissolve it in about 15 minutes. It can be used inside all types of commercial and domestic ovens, on burners, on inside oven shelving and trays, etc. Do not use it as a degreaser. Do not use it anywhere else beside the cooker/oven area. It will burn plastic, wood, painted surfaces, natural stone floors, chrome, etc. Evans Oven Cleaner is a premium oven cleaner when used correctly. 

Evans Oven Cleaner - How to use it

Remove all the trays and the shelving from the cooker. Remove any dirt deposits and fit a dry cloth inside the gap between the door and the cooker when the door is open (around the hinges area). Spray the walls and the base of the oven until the whole area looks wet. Now, take a 30 minute break. Do not touch the cooker. The product needs up to 30 min to activate and break the carbon deposits. 

Tools needed:

Steel/copper scourers

Green catering scourers

A stiff brush

Dirty cloths

Put the gloves on and start scrubbing the cooker with the steel scourer. You will notice that the black carbon deposits have changed from solid to a thick gelatine like composition. Scrub well until the product looks like a thick black cream. Time to extract all that waste with a towel cloth. Do a final scrub with a green catering scourer and then use a kitchen degreaser to wipe all the surfaces inside the oven. Some ovens might require a second cleaning operation. 

*** put the oven on at maximum heat for 15 min to remove all oven cleaner from all the gaps. The product will burn down and it will generate a white smoke. Open the door of the oven a few times. When you notice that there is no more smoke coming out, your oven is ready for use***

This product performs excellently when used right but it can cause a lot of damage if misused. Follow instructions carefully.

Evans Oven Cleaner

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