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Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML

  • A quick and effective stove top cleaner compatible with all types of stoves

  • It removes food burns, carbon, grease, oils, splashes and other residues

  • Due to its active composition, it dissolves residue without scratching the stove

  • Suitable for daily and also once off deep domestic stove cleaning projects

  • It will leave a protective film over the stove top to facilitate easy maintenance

  • Non toxic, non corrosive, fumes free, manufactured by Nordicare Denmark

  • There is no scraper or abrasive tools required to deep clean your stove top

  • Very well priced, highly cost effective and compliant with all environment laws

  • Sold in a recycled and recyclable 250 ML plastic bottle | Cream like composition

  • Hand protection to be worn at all times to avoid skin irritation and skin burns

Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML | Why Use It

Some stoves can be very expensive and the last thing you want is to scratch the sensitive stove top with aggressives scourers, aggressive scrapers or very harsh chemicals. No need for that. Try the new Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML and you will remove all kinds of carbon and burnt food residue hassle free. The product will react with the residue instantly and it will dissolve it in a matter of seconds. Safe, efficient, non toxic and also reasonably priced. If you own a stove then you should definitely have the new Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML in your cleaning cupboard. The product is compatible with all residential and commercial stoves. In the process of cleaning it, it will leave a protective coat that will facilitate easier cleaning in the future and also it will prevent staining. 

Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML | Where To Use It

It can be successfully used to clean and maintain all kinds of residential and light commercial stoves. It works great on light cleaning projects and also on heavy duty cleaning projects. It does not scratch the surfaces while dissolving the residue and no abrasive tools or scrapers are required to deep clean or maintain your stove top. The product is sold in a 250 ML bottle that will last for very long periods of time. Tiny amounts of the stove cleaner are required at once.

Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML | How To Use It

Remove all large and visible loose residue from the stove top. To be able to use the new Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML, all you need is a good quality microfiber cloth and the product itself. Add a bit of product to the area and then start scrubbing the stove top in circular movements until you notice that the dirt from the stove top has been transferred to the cleaning cloth. Very dirty stove tops might require a second cleaning but in most cases one deep clean will restore the stove top. When done with cleaning be sure to remove all excess product. By now, the stove surface should look residue free, streak free and spotless. Using the product regularly will prevent staining and it will stop the dirt from depositing in thick layers. 

Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML | Recommendations

This product is not suitable for heavy duty industrial or commercial cleaning projects. Do not apply the product and just leave it there. The surface has to be scrubbed and the dirt extracted. Do not dilute the product and do not mix up the product with any other oven or kitchen cleaning products. Bear in mind, a stove top cleaner is not a polishing cream so do not use it on any other surfaces besides the stove. Keep away from children and pets. Store in a cold and dark place.

Nordicare Stove Top Cleaner 250 ML

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