Stainless Steel Cleaners

Alcohol based stainless steel cleaner and stainless steel polishing products. Premium quality for affordable costs

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Cleanfast Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner

Cleanfast Glass & Stainless Steel CleanerAlcohol based stainless steel and window cleanerProvides amazing results on porcelain tilesWill remove grease, fat, enzymes, soil, etc, from glassWill clea..
2-3 Days

Dirtbusters Multi Shine

Dirtbusters Multi Shine 250 MLUniversal polishing cream for all kind of glossy and polished surfacesIt restores lost gloss and it stain proofs & waterproofs the whole surfaceThe ideal polishing cr..

Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Cleaning Paste

Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Cleaning PasteNon scratching but abrasive stainless steel cleaning paste from DirtbustersSuitable for cleaning all kinds of commercial and domestic stainless steelIt remove..

Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Oil 750 ML

Dirtbusters Stainless Steel Oil 750 MLA non toxic formula, 100% biodegradable and harsh chemical freeThe product is compatible with all types of stainless steel surfacesIt will increase the sheen leve..

Nordicare Stainless Steel Cleaner 500 ML

Nordicare Stainless Steel Cleaner 500 MLA professional quality stainless steel cleaner compatible with all stainless steel surfacesDesigned for cleaning, polishing and removing stains from all steel k..

Nordicare Stainless Steel Polishing Cream 250 ML

Nordicare Stainless Steel Polishing Cream 250 MLA product developed specifically for removing stains and polishing stainless steel surfacesIt reacts with all kinds of stains & dissolves them withi..

Soap Filled Pads x 10

-heavy duty soap filled cleaning pads-suitable for commercial & domestic use-available in packs of 10 pads per bag-recommended for deep cleaning ovens-amazing results on stainless steel -manu..
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