Sanitising Wipes

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PALTECH Glass, Tile & Stainless Steel Wipes

-professional multi surface cleaning and polishing wipes -suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning projects-to be used on all highly polished surfaces &  stainless steel-dutable, co..

Dirteeze Food Safe Surface Wipes

Dirteeze Surface Sanitising Wipes Fine quality food safe sanitizing wipes suitable for all industriesAlcohol free probe disinfecting wipes sold in tubes of 250 wipesSafe to use on stainless steel..

Hard Surface Disinfection Wipes / 200 Per Tube/ 70% Alcohol

Hard Surface Disinfection Wipes / 200 Per Tube / 70% AlcoholHeavy duty alcohol based disinfection wipes from ClinitexPowerful disinfecting wipes, isopropyl alcohol based200 wipes per tube, foil sealed..

Non Alcohol Surface Sanitising Wipes x 1500 / Food Safe

-non alcoholic single use disinfecting & sanitising wipes-suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use-safe to use on all washable/painted/varnished surfaces-proven to kill 99.9% of food re..

Optima Proclean Office Wipes | 100 Per Tube

Optima Proclean Office WipesProfessional antibacterial wipes suitable for daily office cleaning jobsSafe to use on most surfaces, including computer keyboardsEliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and p..

Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200

Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200-designed for cleaning and sanitise food preparation areas-suitable for cleaning and sanitise worktops and kitchen utensils-it will clean quick and it will safely di..

Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200

 Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes-200 wipes per tube, suitable for commercial and domestic use-the most efficient and the easiest way of cleaning hard surfaces-one wipe will replace the need of ..

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes

PAL TX Hand Sanitising WipesAlcohol based hand sanitizing wipes from PAL TXSuitable for cleaning, disinfecting & sanitizing handsAvailable in a tube of 150 large alcohol based wipesThe ideal hand ..

PALTECH Antibacterial Wipes

-suitable for removing grease and dirt from skin and surfaces-kind on skin, new formula, it contains moisturiser and vitamin E-it also contain a surfant tp help lift dirt. Commercial & domestic -..
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PALTECH Multi Surface Wipes

-universal multi surface disinfecting wipes from Paltech-suitable for light office disinfecting jobs & domestic cleaning-highly recommended for cleaning keyboards and office desks-small and compac..

Sani Cloth Alcohol Free Universal Clean & Disinfect Wipe x 200 Wipes

SaniCloth Universal Alcohol Free Wipes x 200Powerful cleaning and surface disinfecting wipesSuitable for domestic, commercial, health careSold in packs of 200 large wipes, no perfumeCan be used to dec..

Surface Safe Sanitising Wipes 1000 Per Tube - Alcohol Based (Low Alcohol Level)

Clinitex Surface Safe Low Alcohol Wipes x 1000 Per BucketLow alcohol sanitising and disinfecting wet wipesHighly recommended for the food/catering industryCleans, sanitises and disinfects in one easy ..

Vyrex Surface Sanitiser | 500ml

Vyrex Surface Sanitiser 500 MLHighly effective anti-virus disinfectant suitable for domestic & commercial usePowerful virucidal & bactericidal sanitiser kills HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA and common..
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