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Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes

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Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes

-fast acting anti bacterial cleaning wipes

-suitable for commercial & domestic use

-non alcohol general disinfecting wipes

-effective against mould, bacteria & viruses

-highly recommended for office cleaning

-48 wipes per pack, low cost, effective

Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes - Where to use

Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes are suitable for general domestic and commercial cleaning and sanitising jobs. The wipes can be used for cleaning desks, chairs, glass, furniture, bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings, frames, handles, etc. Each wipe can be used individually. Non perfumed alcohol free disinfecting wipes highly effective against mould, viruses and bacteria. 

Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes - How to use

Just pull one wipe at the time. Use one wipe until you can see that the wipe is dry. Each wipe contains the same amount of antibacterial detergent. For some larger cleaning/disinfecting projects, you will have to use a full pack. The wipes are suitable for small domestic cleaning projects and large commercial cleaning/disinfecting projects. You can use 2 wipes at one time when cleaning larger surfaces

Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes - Safety

The Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes are only suitable for cleaning hard surfaces. Not suitable for hand or body cleaning. Only use the wipes on washable surfaces. The wipes are effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses & mould. If you need full details refer to product data sheet. 

Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes are professional cleaning wipes with powerful disinfecting qualities. All surfaces cleaned and sanitised with Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes will be spotless, steak free and disinfected. The wipes will prevent cross contamination and virus spreading. The perfect tool for protecting your staff and securing the workplace.

Ultra Clean Disinfecting Wipes - Top Quality Disinfecting Wipes For Affordable Prices

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