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Urinal Channel Blocks - 3KG


-detergent based blocks for use on commercial urinals

-contains strong perfume to refresh and detergent to clean

-soluble formulation to avoid drain blockage

-very long lasting and also very well priced


Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – Where to use

Just place inside the urinals and flush. It can also be used inside the toilet water tank but it needs to be fitted inside a special plastic bag. Just put 3 blocks per urinal and it should last for a few weeks under constant use. Highly recommended for public toilets or any toilets with high usage.


Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – Safety

Gloves should be worn when handling this product. Do not mix with other cleaning products. Store safely away from public access in a dry place.


Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – Recommendation

These blocks are very efficient and very long lasting. They will kill all bad odours from any type of urinal and will refresh. Channel Blocks Evans 1066 also contains cleaning detergent so besides refreshing will also deep clean the urinal. One of the most cost effective ways of keeping your urinals spotless. Channel Blocks Evans 1066 are yellow dyed.



Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – No more dirty urinals!


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