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Evans Glaze Tablets 120 Tablets


-built in salt action, glass protection & rinse aid

-leaves stainless steel items with an extra sparkle

-one of the most affordable dishwasher tablets

-for professional and domestic dishwashers

-all tablets are individually wrapped

-contains a fresh lemon scent


Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets – Where to use

Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets can be used in all automatic dishwashing machines. Designed to remove any type of food residue and to enhance the look of glass & stainless steel items. Glaze Dishwasher Tablets can be used for both commercial & domestic dishwashing machines. Glaze Dishwasher Tablets are by far the most affordable professional dishwashing tablets. Fragranced with a fresh lemon scent.


Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets – How to use

Most dishwashing machines have a special compartment for the dishwashing tablets. Just 1 Glaze Dishwasher Tablet per wash is required. There is no need to add any extra booster when you use Evans Dishwasher Tablets. Highly recommended for offices, schools, canteens, public buildings, child minding businesses, etc. Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets will wash a full load of dishes for under 20 cents.


Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets – Safety

Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets is an eco friendly product that represents no risks to health. Store away from kids & pets.


Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets – Recommendation

If you are looking for professional dishwashing tablets that will clean your plates, glasses, crockery, etc, you should consider Glaze Dishwasher Tablets. This superb product is sure to last for month and can provide unequalled results. Many domestic households use Glaze Dishwasher Tablets. If you would like to try it out please gives us a call and we can organise it for you.



Evans Glaze Dishwasher Tablets – a lot of cleaning power in such a small product!


Glaze Dishwashing Tablets Review

Dishwashers are only as good as what you put in them. The detergent you use determines the effectiveness of the cleaning process, and the resultant shine. Tablet dishwasher detergents are the most popular kind, making up over 70% of total dishwasher detergent sales. They’ve even surpassed powder, due to their ease of use and precision-washing. For high performance, you need a high quality product. That's where the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets come in. They bring dishwashing performance to a whole new level. 

Meals are great, but facing a pile of dirty dishes afterwards is no picnic. This is why dish washers have become so popular. They are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. But like any other machine, they only run well under the right conditions. A poor detergent can make a new dishwasher perform dismally, while on the other hand a great detergent can enhance the performance of an old, worn out dishwasher. At the end of the day, you want a detergent that makes the cleaning easier, faster, and more effective for your machine- whether you’ve just installed your dishwasher in your new home, or it was handed down to you by your parents. The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets have been designed to optimise your cleaning efforts and bring out a sparkle in your cookware and cutlery. Here is a look at what they are, and they do for you:

What Are The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets?

These professional dishwasher tablets are formulated to tackle the grease and grime off your crockery, cutlery and glassware. They are popularly used in restaurants, office buildings, schools and even canteens. You can also use them to clean your dishes at home. 

Benefits Of The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets

1. Effectively cleans

That's their core mandate, and they perform exceptionally. The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets get rid of everything from egg yolk, rice starch, baked on cheese and red wine to coffee and minced meat. They remove stains from your crockery and cutlery. The tablets are pre-measured for efficiency, meaning you can rest assured that your washing cycle is precise. You won't have to soak and scrub the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. After the cleaning is complete, there won't be any spots left that will need to be buffed out.

2. Packs a punch

The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets come with plenty of clean power compacted in small sizes. Each tablet has the surfactants and strength necessary to clean off even the tough, caked on residue off your plates, bowls, saucers, cups, serving bowls, etc. You just need one tablet per wash, and you won't be needed to add any extra booster. Note that you should not use a pre-rinse programme when washing with the tablets.

3. Brilliant shine

It's usually frustrating when your glassware accumulates a film, which leaves the once-sparkling and crystal-clear glasses with a spotty white layer. It diminishes their beauty and exasperates you. Worry not- the tablets will sort you out. The rinse aid additive in the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets ensures that your glassware comes out of the wash with a brilliant shine. You no longer have to deal with cloudy glassware leaving the dishwasher. Your glass items will be beautiful and sparkling, ready to light up any room.

Even your stainless steel items get sparkling. There are no hard water marks and fingerprints to irk you. It'll work on everything from your stainless steel pans to your dinner sets. They'll be gleaming and shiny, bringing a bright and polished air into your home or business establishment.

4. Protects your dishes

You don’t want your dishes to look dull and worn out after numerous washes. The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets come with glass protection agents that shields them from corrosion. It keeps your glassware looking all new and brighter for longer. 

5. Protects the machine

As the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets wash your crockery and cutlery, they also keep the insides of your machine clean. This enhances its life and reduces costs you would have incurred in repair and maintenance. The tables take away the risks of overloading the dishwasher. One of the common causes of washer damage is using too much soap with each cycle. This is because suds build up, causing the machine to run ineffectively, or break down completely. With the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets, you no longer have to worry about using excess detergent. The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets are pre-measured to give you the right amount for each wash, thus providing an effective clean, and protecting your machine at the same time. 

6. Fragrance

Your utensils will come out of the washer looking good and smelling fresh- all ready to be stored away, or directly laid out on the dinner table. Each of the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets contains a fresh lemon perfume to achieve this effect. 

7. Eco-friendly

The surfactants of the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets are readily broken down by the effluent treatment process. This makes them safe to be discharged to the drain. They do not contain any bioaccumulative or toxic chemicals (PBT or vPvB) and can be used safely from home to areas with large kitchenware cleaning needs such as hotels, day care centres, nursing homes, etc.

8. Cost effective

The cleaning detergents you use contribute to the running costs over the entire life of your dishwasher. So you need a product that's cost friendly. Each of the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets is individually wrapped, enabling you to plan out your usage, and get more cleaning power at an affordable cost. And since you're using just one of the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets per wash, you get more washes out of every pack you purchase. Each pack comes with 100 tablets. This bulk buying reduces your cost per wash, whether you run your dishwasher occasionally (at home) or frequently (like n restaurants and schools).

Extra Pointers On Using The Glaze Dishwashing Tablets

· Ensure that you load individual dirty dishes into the dishwasher right away. After large meals like dinner, the wave of dishes will certainly increase. After loading the dishwasher, add one of the Glaze Dishwashing Tablets and turn on the machine. Don't wait till you have a couple of days’ worth of dishes before cleaning them.

· Remove large scrapes, heavy soiling and food residue from your crockery before loading it into the dish washer. This will reduce the workload and increase efficiency.

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