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-highly efficient alcohol based window cleaning detergent

-suitable to use on any type of glass, windows, frames, etc

-it will break dirt instant and it will evaporate within seconds

-it can be used to clean stainless steel and glossy surfaces

-suitable for commercial and domestic window cleaning jobs

-this product can be used to deep clean porcelain tiles as well


Evans Clear Window Cleaner - Professional window cleaning results for less!


Evans Clear Window Cleaner Review

Clean windows will brighten up your home, and give your office a professional image. No one like the dust layers that form on the glass, plus the occasional bird droppings smearing the surface. Not only are they unsightly, but they corrode the glass, reducing the life of your window. There's also the airborne pollutants that dirty up the windows, such as pollen, smoke and car exhaust. If your commercial or residential property is near the beach, there's also the sea spray you'll have to contend with. A sprinkler positioned near the window, or washing your window with tap water, leaves minerals on the surface. The minerals will build up and make the window foggy. You need a specialised cleaning product that can restore the sparkle to your windows. That's a job for Evans Clear Window Cleaner.


When cleaning your windows, you want professional results. You can't use conventional products or all-purpose cleaners. They will leave behind residue, and you'll end up with a build-up of soap scum and oils. The film of residue additionally increases the speed of resoiling. This is because it attracts and traps dust. You want a cleaner that will eliminate the dirt, and leave your windows streak-free. Turn to Evans Clear Window Cleaner. Here is a look at what it does for you:


Benefits Of Evans Clear Window Cleaner

1. Cleaning efficacy

You want spotless surfaces. That's what Evans Clear Window Cleaner provides. It will cut through the grime and eliminate the soiling from your glass surfaces like windows and French doors, and also stainless steel appliances, leaving a streak-free finish. It even gets rid of the finger prints on your monitors at homes, or in lifts in commercial premises. Evans Clear Window Cleaner enables you to protect the window from hard water minerals left behind by building run-off, or sprinklers near the house, and even oxidation, in situations where the window is encased with metal frames and screens. It enhances your curb appeal, whether you want to come home to sparkling windows, impress your neighbours, or increase the real estate value of the property. Evans Clear Window Cleaner also improves the quality of your interior space. Your guests at home and customers to your office building, get to enjoy the view outside the property, and it will make the household occupants and employees feel comfortable in the premises. If you’re a retail store owner, you will be able to clearly showcase your products and attract buyers. It also shows potential clients in your business that you are willing to take care of even the smallest details. Thus, you'll be raking in more profits.


2. Quick acting cleaner

You want to spend as little time as possible on your cleaning tasks. Evans Clear Window Cleaner is a fast acting formulation, which quickly removes the dirt and grime from your surfaces. This will protect it from corrosion or etching, thus enhancing the life of your window. Evans Clear Window Cleaner will enable you to let the natural light into your establishment to brighten up the interior space, without pesky shadows being cast all over by smudges on the window. 


3. Multipurpose

You can use Evans Clear Window Cleaner to clean different surfaces in residential and commercial properties. From the windows that are the eyes into your home and the image of your enterprise, to computer keyboards, glass screens, plus chrome and plastic surfaces. Remove water spots and finger print marks from your stainless steel appliances, including dishwashers, fridges and ovens, using the Clear Window Cleaner. Get rid of the soiling to prevent weathering around the window frames that can end up ruining the seals, and cause anything from air leaks and fogging to condensation, which could result in mould growth and increase your energy bills. People eat at their desks, drop all sorts of stuff on their keyboards, and rarely wash their hands before using the computer. The food residue encourages growth of millions of bacteria. In some offices, in the dark of the night after everyone has left, mice scurry over the keyboards looking for food, and also leave behind their droppings. In fact, your keyboard may be 5 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Prevent your keyboard from becoming a health hazard by cleaning it up using the Clear Window Cleaner. You can even use the Clear Window Cleaner to polish your furniture, and make your VD and TV screens spotless. 


4. Neutral

Evans Clear Window Cleaner has a pH of 7. This makes it safe for both the surfaces you’re cleaning, and for you to use. You won’t have to worry about reactions with the surface or inhaling toxic fumes. Evans Clear Window Cleaner is also safe to use around kids and pets at home, plus employees and customers at the workplace. 


5. Easy to use

Evans Clear Window Cleaner comes in a trigger spray bottle for easy application. This makes the window cleaning process a breeze. You can also get it in a 5L bottle, which can refill the spray bottle. This has the additional bonus of being economical, reducing the amount of money you spend on the monthly cleaning supplies of your establishment.


How To Use Evans Clear Window Cleaner

Simply follow these steps for the various surfaces:

1. Spray Evans Clear Window Cleaner directly to the surface. 

2. Wipe immediately using a soft cloth or paper towel.

For smaller cleaning tasks, you can spray Evans Clear Window Cleaner directly onto the cloth and then wipe the surface.


Tips For Using Evans Clear Window Cleaner

· Avoid over-spraying Evans Clear Window Cleaner. That leads to wastage. Use it neatly and sparingly. A slight mist is sufficient enough to get the smudges and fingerprints off your surfaces.

· When spraying, be some distance from the surface (around 25cm), to enable you achieve more area coverage.

· Use Evans Clear Window Cleaner undiluted. 

· Only wipe using clean cloths or paper towels.

· Avoid abrasive equipment like steel wool or stiff bristles brushes to work on the glass surfaces.

· Unplug electronics before clearing them. 

· In case you have exterior mounted screens, clean them as you have the windows cleaned. This will prevent the pollen and dust that's trapped in the screen mesh from being washed onto your freshly cleaned window when it rains.

· Position your sprinklers away from the windows, to prevent the glass from getting stained by the mineral deposits in the sprinkler water.


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