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-alcohol based professional window cleaner

-suitable for stainless steel, plastic, wood, etc

-it will clean streak free and it will evaporate

-recommended for commercial and domestic

-durable, efficient, affordable, cost effective

-one cleaning product for all polished surfaces


A Look At The Clear Window Cleaner

People want clean windows for different reasons. First, you want to enjoy looking out your window all through the year. It improves the ambience of any interior space, and actually lifts the mood of the household members at home, plus employees and clients at the workplace. No one likes dirt, grime and water stains blocking their view. Smudges and finger print marks are unsightly. Secondly, you get to increase the lifespan of your windows. The build-up of grime and soiling on your windows can dull and etch the glass. Some minerals will cause corrosion of the frames, which ends up on the glass. You want to protect your windows from scratches and blemishes caused by gritty dirt. To achieve all this, you'll need a product specially formulated to tackle window cleaning needs. Turn to the Clear Window Cleaner. 


Do you want to brighten up your premises? Perhaps you want to impress your guests and neighbours. Are you a realtor looking to enhance the curb appeal of a property? Clean windows will enable your to attract buyers and generate leads, add to the value of the property, and increase your profit margins. You can achieve all this with the Clear Window Cleaner.


Reasons To Invest In The Clear Window Cleaner

1. All-round window cleaner

The Clear Window Cleaner will bring a spotless and streak-free finish to all kinds of windows, from the single and double hung sash windows, sliding sash and casement windows, the vertical awning windows, Palladian, bay and bow windows, fixed windows that don't open (like over doors), plus the strips of the jalousie windows. It breaks down the stubborn fat and sediment on your windows, and washes away everything, from dust and fingerprint marks to bird droppings. The Clear Window Cleaner restores the clarity and shine of the windows, enabling you to enjoy the view outside your home or office.


2. Streak-free finish

You don't want to spend an entire day working on your windows, only to be left with smudges and streaks. Evans Clear Window Cleaner enables you to have a crystal clear view through your window. Your glass surfaces like mirrors will give you a superb reflection. Evans Clear Window Cleaner removes the grime without leaving behind streaks. This has the additional benefit of letting natural lighting without any shadows being cast into the interior space. In addition, it is a fast acting product, and you will be able to finish cleaning your windows in minutes.


3. Multipurpose

Evans Clear Window Cleaner works on a wide range of surfaces at home or at the workplace-from your TV screens, and computer keyboards, to the lift buttons, and stainless steel surfaces, including appliances such as fridges and dishwashers. You can also use Evans Clear Window Cleaner to restore the shine of your door knobs, wipe down your bathtubs, and clean dry-erase boards. It has a neutral pH, and won’t react with the surfaces, plus Evans Clear Window Cleaner is safe to use around your children and pets. 


4. Cost effective

You can get Evans Clear Window Cleaner in a 750ml trigger spray bottle, which allows you to easily control the amount of cleaner that you will be misting onto the surface. This prevents wastage, enabling you to get the most out of the product. You can also get it in a 5L bottle for economy.


Using Evans Clear Window Cleaner

· Cleaning windows

It's a simple process. Spray Evans Clear Window Cleaner onto window surface, and wipe. Overlap the spray lines, to ensure that the entire glass is covered. When wiping, apply gentle-to moderate amounts of pressure. 

· Washing your car

Evans Clear Window Cleaner will work on different parts of your car, from removing the gunk on the windows, to getting rid of the soiling on its dashboard, steering wheel, plus the upholstery. Since the Clear Window Cleaner is not greasy and leaves no residue, you won't have to worry about slippery surfaces. Simply spray and wipe.

· Keep your countertops clean

Remove the grime and gunk build up from your kitchen countertops using Evans Clear Window Cleaner. It is effective on granite, laminate and marble counter tips, and also glass cooktops. Continue cleaning seamlessly when you get to the enamel and stainless steel appliances, as Evans Clear Window Cleaner is safe for them.

· Polish your furniture

You can use Evans Clear Window Cleaner to freshen up the furniture in your home or office. It will even revitalise the outdoor furniture on your patio. Evans Clear Window Cleaner works across the scope, from wood, aluminium and resin to glass and plastic furniture pieces. Mist it onto the surface, give it a couple of minutes to break down the soiling, and then wipe it off.

· Bring a sparkle to your jewellery

Restore the glam to your sterling silver and diamonds. Spray your metal or gemstone jewellery with Evans Clear Window Cleaner. Then scrub lightly with a cloth or toothbrush. Since the Clear Window Cleaner is neutral, it can also work on turquoise, opals, coral, pearls and shell jewellery.

· Clean crystals 

Clean up your favourite decorative ware around your residential or commercial property using Evans Clear Window Cleaner. It's bring a shine to your crystal and cut-glass items like chandeliers, figurines, pendants and picture frames, or the vases and lamps on your shelves, tables and desktops. Spray the items with Evans Clear Window Cleaner and wipe using a clean cloth. The wiping should be done carefully, since these are delicate items. Avoid too much pressure. You can reach into the smaller cervices using cotton swabs.

· Cleanse your children's toys

They'll get grimy with time, due to the food messes, being dragged across the floor and being shoved throughout the house. There are also those random times when the kids drool over the toys, or outrightly try to bite a toy, getting saliva all over it. Use Evans Clear Window Cleaner to give the items a quick clean. You'll just need to spray and wipe.


DOs And DON'Ts Of Evans Clear Window Cleaner 

· DO clean your windows regularly.

· DON'T clean the windows in the hot baking sun. It will make the cleaner dry too quickly, before you're done getting the smudges off. Overcast, cloudy or cool days are ideal.

· DO clean your windows from top to bottom.

· DON'T use newspapers to wipe the windows. The ink can come off onto your hands, or transfer to the window.

· DO use an absorbent cloth when working on your surfaces. Paper towels and microfiber cloths are popular options. 


Evans Clear Window Cleaner - Professional results for less!

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