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Ramon ‘Contract’ General Purpose Microfibre Cloths

-all our microfiber cloths are made from premium fibres

-recommended for domestic and commercial cleaning

-40 cm x 40 cm, 200 GSM, green colour, very durable

-our microfiber cloths can be washed over 500 times

-quality green microfiber cloth suitable for light cleaning

Keeping Your Food Preparation Areas Clean Ramon ‘Contract’ General Purpose Microfibre Cloths

All that activity in the kitchen makes it accumulate grime on the various surfaces. From food particles on the countertops to splatters on the walls, grime on the sink- it needs regular cleaning. Handling raw meat, fish and poultry products on the worktops, coupled with the raw fresh vegetables being chopped up on the cutting boards, the germs concentration increases. The food particles, in turn, attract insects, whose body waste adds to the grime. You want a healthy place to prepare your meals, and the Ramon Microfiber Cloths - Green comes in to ensure that you give the surfaces at thorough wipe down. Here's what you get from it:

Microfiber cleaning action
Microfiber is a popular material for cleaning due to its high absorbency levels, and ability to pick up particles even too small for the eyes to see. The tiny fibres attach themselves to the specks of dirt on the surface, and pull them up using van der Waals forces of attraction- the same force witnessed with the millions of tiny hairs on the toes of geckos, enabling them to walk upside down on ceilings without falling off.

Colour coded to remove uncertainty
In homes and business premises, medical centres and even educational institutions, you want a cleaning program that cuts down on risks of cross contamination. Colour coded programs come in to enable equipment to be designated to specific zones. There are those for common areas and general surfaces where there is low risk- like when you`re dealing with glass and mirrors, to those in high risks zones such as the toilets and urinals. You don`t want a situation where cloths used in the restrooms are the same ones being used in the kitchen countertops where you dice up your meat and prepare the vegetables. Implementing a colour coded scheme brings order to the cleaning program of your establishment. The Ramon ‘Contract’ General Purpose Microfibre Cloths blends into this. The green colour is specially designated to surfaces where food is handled and prepared. You can use in on different areas, depending on how you have structured the colour codes in your establishment.

Strong yarn
The 0.13 Denier and 20% polyamide, 80% polyester yarn of the Ramon Microfiber Cloths makes it a durable material. It is capable of being used for multiple cleaning sessions and being laundered over 500 times. Moreover, the machine washing can be done to temperatures of up to 95. However, this can also be reduced to 40 in order to save on the energy consumption of the process. In addition, the cloths can be tumble dried- which in fact is recommended as it opens up the fibres. Fabric softeners can also be used or the washing, but note that it will reduce the effectiveness of the cloths when they are used dry. All this is without straining your budget, as the cloths are affordable priced.

Ramon ‘Contract’ General Purpose Microfibre Cloths

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