Easy to use wood floor refreshers from Junckers, Bona & Tover. Professional refreshers for oiled and varnished floors

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Bona Freshen Up

Bona Freshen UpWaterborne maintenance coating for frequent maintenance of wooden floorsIt will seal and refresh all types of wooden floors that were sealed with a varnishManufactured from pure polyure..

Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher

Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher -a high quality enhancer for oiled or waxed floors-efficient on all types of oiled or waxed floors-contains 2% solvent and it is made from organic oils-it will increas..

Bona Oiled Floor Refresher 1L

Bona Oiled Floor Refresher 1L A quick drying and very easy to use waterborne oiled floor refresherCompatible with all types of floor oils & hardwax oils from all brandsIt repairs small imperf..

Bona Wood Floor Refresher

Bona Wood Floor RefresherQuality wood floor refresher and gloss restorerTo be applied over varnished wood floors onlyMasks small imperfections and scratches1L will cover around 30 square meter of floo..

Carver Carsol | Oiled Floor Refresher

Carver Carsol / Maintenance Oil & Oiled Floor RestorerProfessional maintenance oil suitable for refreshing oiled floorsRepairs dull patches and imperfections on all oiled surfacesTo be applied in ..

Chimiver Lios Talita Plus | Oiled Floor Refresher

Chimiver Lios Talita Plus | Oiled Floor RefresherDeep penetrating oiled floor refresher and oiled floor maintainer from ChimiverCompatible with all oiled and waxed hardwood floors from all known brand..

Nordicare Danish Oil 250 ML

Nordicare Danish Oil 250 MLDeep penetrating blend of organic oil for protecting and maintaining wood surfacesWhen applied to light types of wood surfaces it will create a light yellowish finish I..

Nordicare Wax Oil Bianco | White Wash Oil | Refresher

Nordicare Wax Oil Bianco 250 MLA maintenance and finish oil compatible with all oiled or new wood surfacesIt penetrates the wood surface and protects the wood against all spillagesIt can be used on it..

Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil / Refresher

Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil-satin finish refreshing oil from Tover-suitable to use on all waxed floors-it will fully dry in about 3-4 hours-it will provide up to 2 years of protection-to be applied..
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