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Robert Scott 200G Hygiemix Socket Mop

  • Brand: Robert Scott
  • Product Code: RS201
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

-highly popular commercial and domestic mop

-compatible with hygiene aluminium mop handle

-very absorbent, cost effective & long lasting mop

-suitable for daily maintenance or heavy duty cleaning

-200g machine washable professional cleaning mop

Floor Cleaning With The Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop

When it comes to mopping, Robert Scott is a household name. The company’s products are relied on by home and business owners, all through to cleaning contractors across Europe. Take the janitorial market in the UK for instance. The brand delivers ½ million mops on a weekly basis here. The company is not just limited to the mops however. It offers a wide range of cleaning equipment, and is the name behind renowned brands such as Hi-absorb, Hi-shine, and Toucan Eco, all through to Flexis Ferrzon+ floor pads and Mi-cloth. For a business that has been in the cleaning industry for the better part of a century, they have the experience, track record and operational efficiency needed to deliver quality products catering to different consumer needs. As such when looking for a quality mop, products like the Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop are a top consideration. Here, you get an effective tool that is backed by a leading brand, giving you the peace of mind that you will obtain value for your money’s worth. Here’s what you can look forward to from the unit:

What The Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop Brings On Board

  1. Cotton/polyester blend

The design of this unit enables you to get the benefits of the two materials, from the absorbency of the cotton, to the strength and durability of the polyester. This makes the Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop highly effective in the mopping process, easily soaking up the spills and cleaning solutions, plus the grime that is on the surface. In order to ensure optimal coverage, the mop comes with a 'stay flat' band, whose role is exactly as its name describes: it keeps the mop flat on the surface as you proceed with the cleaning. This translates into more surface area being mopped within a shorter time frame, enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

  1. Fast assembly

The T1 socket of this unit allows you to quickly and easily fix it into the handle. It’s threaded, which provides a more secure grip. That way, it won’t wind up getting detached as you carry out the task.

  1. Easy maintenance

The durability of the Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop also comes in handy when washing it. This is because you can simply put the mops that have been used into the washing machine, and not have to carry out the task by hand. The temperature of the machine wash cycle can be set up to 60°C. It's also more hygienic, as it ensures the gunk is removed from the material completely, preparing the unit for the next mopping session.

  1. Colour coded bands

More businesses and cleaning contractors are getting on board with colour coding cleaning systems. It's as a result of the value realised in this simple measure. Basically, the cleaning equipment used in the establishment is divided based on its colour, and in turn, designated to particular zones. That way, situations such as the cloths and mops used in the bathroom winding up cleaning kitchen surfaces are avoided. This is to prevent cross-contamination, thus cutting down the risks of the spread of infection. The pathogens crawling around on the toilet surfaces won’t end up being carried onto the living area at home or lobbies in business premises in the process of the cleaning. This prevents outbreaks from occurring in your home or commercial establishment. Although there technically isn’t a standard to use, general trends have already cropped up for how the colours are distributed. For instance, blue is used for general cleaning areas like office spaces and work stations, hallways, reception areas and living rooms, where there is a lower risk of contamination. Green is employed for the sections where food is being handled, which primarily means the kitchen surfaces. Red, which is especially a universal colour for hazards, is taken to be for areas like the restrooms and bathrooms including the toilet cubicle floors were the risk of infection is highest. Yellow can be sued for clinical areas and those zones in washrooms where there is reduced risk- like when cleaning the sink region.

With its different colours, the Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mops can be used with such a cleaning system. That way, you will be in a position to further enhance the hygiene standards of the premises. What’s more, by implementing a colour coding system in your establishment, you give more confidence to your customers about the processes that are undertaken. With cleaning contractors, this is directly in their line of business. You want your residential and commercial clients to trust your services. Mixing up the tools that are used for the cleaning will shake their confidence. However, by properly structuring your equipment, it bolsters your professional image. Such systems also come in handy when training your staff since colours are easily understood, and managing the supplies will also be a breeze since one can quickly spot a tool that is out of its intended zone.

Taking Care Of Your Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop

It's a high quality mop, and it will remain that way with proper care and maintenance. This will prolong the life of your unit, and keep it performing optimally all through. It can be easily done with these measures:

  • Always clean the Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop after use. This is to remove the gunk that is trapped in it, plus any chemicals that are involved in the mopping process. Avoid bleach when washing the mop. Mild disinfectants can be used.

  • Avoid twisting the mop head in the wringer. This is a common mistake that can result in the strands getting loose.

  • Never leave the Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop soaking in dirty mop water- especially overnight. This will make it a breeding ground for pathogens, encourage fungal growth, and it may also weaken the material.

  • When mopping floors with harsh chemicals- like the acidic and alkaline agents that are occasionally needed when dealing with stubborn stains, the mop should be thoroughly rinsed afterwards.

Robert Scott & Sons Hygiemix T1 Socket Mop

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