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Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

  • Brand: Robert Scott
  • Product Code: RS202
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-professional commercial & domestic mop

-it will fit the aluminium socket mop handle

-one of the most popular mop from Robert Scott

-300G, machine washable, chemical resistant

-to be used for floor mopping & polish application

-colour coded, light weight & very absorbent

A Look At The Hygiemix Socket Mop

Floor cleaning is a core part of its maintenance processes. The dirt and grime accumulating on the surface is a threat to its beauty, and also wears down the protective treatment that has been applied. You also want to have it looking elegant, since its state will reflect on the rest of the décor. For the mopping, turn to effective products such as the Hygiemix Socket Mop, to ensure that a thorough job is carried out.

When purchasing a mop, there are different factors to consider. Take the construction for instance. The traditional cut end design while cheap, can't be laundered. It’s disposable and used to soak up the occasional spill, but is however limited to covering a small area at a time. On the other hand, the looped end mops cover a wider area, and come with a stronger structure. What's more, you won’t have to worry about unravelling.  Linting also factors in. This happens when loose fibres are left behind on the floor after mopping. First, it this prevents you from achieving that quality clean- after all, your goal is to have a spotless surface, not see it riddled with fibres. Secondly, when presentation is key, such as in the reception areas and hallways of your business, the loose fibres strewn all over will make the floor look unattractive, and create an image of disorder. As such, you want a product where linting is minimised or, better still, non-existent. Then there’s the yarn ply. This looks at how the fibres are twisted together when making a single yarn strand in the mop. It’s an intricate balance, seeing that while more plies translate to more strength, it decreases the absorbency of the mop. What of the size? This affects the kind of job that the mop will be doing, and the wringer that one can work with. In addition, larger mop heads can soak up more liquid. The Hygiemix Socket Mop brings you both quality and efficiency, to enable you to handle your general cleaning needs.

What The Hygiemix Socket Mop Brings To Your Floor Care Program

  1. High absorbency

With this unit, you get to effectively carry out your mopping activities. Whether you’re using it for wet or dry cleaning, on tile floors, wood floors, laminate and stone floors, and even those occasions where you’re improvising like when you’re removing cobwebs, the Hygiemix Socket Mop will be up to the task. The structure has been designed for efficiency. First, there's the high absorbency. It will glide across the floor surface picking up the grime and hold it within the material to be wrung out in the bucket afterwards. In households, offices, hospitals and even school cleaning- the mopping process is sped up across the board.  It's a valuable asset to cleaning companies, who serve clients in both residential and commercial niches. With a key emphasis on service delivery and looking for tools that will enable them to carry out their mandate while reducing the costs of operations, the quality Hygiemix Socket Mop will be up to the task. Add to this the light nature of the 300g Hygiemix Socket Mop. When you’ve soaked it with water, the extra weight will still be manageable, reducing the amount of energy you spend on the process. Then there are the results. The loop-end nature of the Hygiemix Socket Mop ensures that there won’t be any lint that is left behind.

  1. Strong construction

This is blend mop. Basically, it brings together cotton and polyester, with a 50/50 ratio, combining both to enhance the power and durability of the material. This gives the Hygiemix Socket Mop extended usage, meeting the demand for frequent daily cleaning whether it’s in modern day busy homes or in the high traffic commercial establishments. What’s more, you can launder the mop, which comes in handy to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned and well maintained. Set the machine to a maximum of 60°C. With the extended usage that you get with the Hygiemix Socket Mop, you further cut down on your cost of operations. Each unit takes you for the long haul, lowering your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance budget.

  1. Optimised surface coverage

The efficacy of the mop is tied to how much surface area contact is attained as you use it. The Hygiemix Socket Mop has two main features that aid in this. First, there is the loop-end nature of the mop, which gives more coverage when compared to alternatives like the cut-end yarn mops. Then there is the stay-flat band. This ensures that more of the Hygiemix Socket Mop remains in contact with the surface of the floor as you proceed with the mopping.

  1. Blends into your colour coded scheme

Relying on a single mop to clean every section of the premises comes with its risks. When you have the same mop being used on the toilet floor and the kitchen, there is a risk of spreading bacteria. Cross-contamination is a point of concern in residential and commercial establishments alike. This is why more and more are applying colour coded schemes to segregate the sensitive areas from each other. It works across the board, from the buckets, mops and their handles, to the cloths, towels, and other tools used during the cleaning process. The end goal being one particular colour getting assigned to a particular zone, that way they won’t end up being used haphazardly. The design of the Hygiemix Socket Mops take this into account, which is why they are available in different colours, including blue, green, red and yellow. This enables you to easily incorporate them into your colour coded scheme. For instance, you can use the red ones for the bathroom and toilet floors, green for the kitchen, cafeteria and other areas where food is handled, and blue for the lower risk offices and living areas. This also enables you to adhere to regulations governing health and safety at work.

  1. Reliable manufacturer

With Robert Scott & Sons Ltd, the company behind the Hygiemix Socket Mop, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product. The company has a rich history dating back to 1925, and spanning four generations, making it an industry leader in the cleaning niche. It is renowned for its mops, where over 26 million are made each year, far surpassing any other UK manufacturer. However, this accounts for under a third of its business, since the company is also involved in the design, manufacture, stocking and supplying of cleaning hardware across the board. Robert Scott supplies over half of the janitorial market in the UK, and has over 2000 different products addressing various consumer needs. The company is keen on providing solutions that are effective and safe in the ever-changing cleaning industry, which is why it goes big on R&D, bringing forth innovations such as Hi-shine, Excel, Mi-cloth, Hi-absorb, Flexis Ferrzon+ floor pads, and Stream and Looblade. Microfiber cloths, products like the Duop Reach, dish cloths, rental linens- they provide a wide range of cleaning and hygiene solutions that meet ISO 9001: 2015 and FSC standards. The Hygiemix Socket Mop maintains the expected quality, enabling you to effectively meet your floor cleaning needs.  

  1. Cost-effective

With the Hygiemix Socket Mop, you will be in a position to meet the cleaning needs of your establishment without straining your budget. First, the unit itself is affordable. Secondly, it's part of the larger Intermix System from the same brand. Here, different attachments- the mop heads including both washable and disposable options, brooms, sweeper mops, those designed for bucketless mopping, Kentucky mops all through to Hygiene squeegees, are fixed onto one handle: the Abbey handle. As such, you won’t need to have a handle for every single unit. The handles themselves also come in different colours, which is particularly beneficial for segregating your equipment to keep them in line with your colour coded scheme. This also means that you won’t end up filling your janitorial closet with dozens of handles, since you can easily detach from the broom after you’re done sweeping, and fix it onto the Hygiemix Socket Mop with its compatible T1 screw thread socket, and carry on with the mopping. This comes in handy to cut down on costs of supplies for your home’s or business cleaning program, and also for the professional cleaning companies, looking for means to reduce their costs of operations without impacting on their service delivery.

Mopping Different Floors

When cleaning wood floors, you should use as little water as possible. This is to prevent issues like warping caused by the wood absorbing the water, or buckling when it seeps under the laminate. Vacuum away the debris, then use a damp Hygiemix Socket Mop, sprayed with the cleaner recommended by the manufacturer of your particular type of wood floor. Rinse and wring the mop whenever it darkens.

For natural stone floors- the likes of marble and limestone, don’t use acidic cleaning agents. These can cause the structure to get discoloured, or corrode your floor. Neutral cleaners are ideal. For the stubborn stains, there are mildly acidic cleaners which have been specifically developed for use on natural stone, and these come with strict instructions regarding dilution ratios and surface contact time, which should be followed to the letter.

With regards to ceramic and porcelain floors, they can be easily cleaned with the Hygiemix Socket Mop, and the products suitable here are diverse. You can also be liberal with the amount of water employed for the task. However, with vinyl and linoleum flooring, they are sensitive to acid since it may result in damage to the mineral pigmentation, and if you use excess water it will end up seeping at the edges, potentially damaging the subfloor. As such, don’t go drenching the floor in the solution. For sealed concrete, use a mild cleaner.

Before you begin with the mopping, first sweep or vacuum the surface. It might appear redundant, akin to rinsing dishes before you put them into the dishwasher. However, getting rid of the loose debris from the floor will enable the mopping to focus on the residue sticking to the surface. In addition, work in sections. Divide the floor it into manageable regions to make the task more efficient. The cleaning solution the bucket needs to be changed regularly. Pour it out the moment it becomes murky and dark, otherwise you'll just be making your floor dirtier.

DOs And DONT's Of The Hygiemix Socket Mop

  • DO soak it in warm water before the first time you use it. You can add a mild detergent to make the solution. This will break in the Hygiemix Socket Mop, and prepare it for the mopping that will follow afterwards. This only needs to be done once.

  • DON'T leave the Hygiemix Socket Mop soaked in cleaning solutions overnight. This is an oversight that usually occurs after one finishes mopping the floors. It can encourage bacteria growth, which will be spread over the surface the next time the cleaning is being carried out.

  • DO wash, rinse and hang the mop head to dry whenever you’re through with the mopping. Letting it to completely dry is key in order to prevent bacteria or mildew from growing. You can hang it out in the sun after washing, which will be a natural and efficient way to achieve this. Leaving it standing in a well-ventilated area will also work. After this it can be stored.

  • DON'T twist the mop in the wringer. This is yet another common mistake, which usually increases the risk of the mop strands breaking.

  • DO machine wash the Hygiemix Socket Mop regularly. This is to remove any chemical residue left behind on the yarn after the mopping, to preserve the durability and structural integrity of the fibres.

  • DON'T use bleach to wash the Hygiemix Socket Mop. When this is done, it weakens the material. Simply use a mild disinfectant for the task.

  • DO store the mop head properly. A cool and dry area is ideal. It’s also recommended that you hang it, as opposed to leaving it on the floor.

    Robert Scott 300G Hygiemix Socket Mop

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