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Sani Cloth Alcohol Free Universal Clean & Disinfect Wipe x 200 Wipes

  • Product Code: CS-XP00390
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SaniCloth Universal Alcohol Free Wipes x 200

  • Powerful cleaning and surface disinfecting wipes

  • Suitable for domestic, commercial, health care

  • Sold in packs of 200 large wipes, no perfume

  • Can be used to decontaminate and disinfect

  • To be used on non porous surfaces or devices

  • Pre-moistened wipes, ready to use, very gentle

  • A low cost but highly efficient disinfecting wipe

SaniCloth Universal Alcohol Free Wipes x 200 - Where to use

Professional quality pre-moistened wipes, suitable for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. Safe to use on all non porous surfaces. Not suitable for cleaning or disinfecting invasive medical devices. Highly recommended for decontaminating and sanitizing surfaces before a deep cleaning project. A low cost disposable non alcoholic wipe that will not affect painted surfaces, varnished surfaces, polished surfaces or any type of sensitive surface. It will clean quickly and leave a spotless surface behind. Dispose of the wipes  in a responsible way to avoid cross contamination.

SaniCloth Universal Alcohol Free Wipes x 200 - How to use

A non alcoholic disinfectant wipe to decontaminate and disinfect surfaces. Very dirty areas will require a stronger product to remove all types of heavy duty dirt build-ups and then it can be regularly disinfected with a sanitising wipe. 

Pull 1 or 2 wipes at a time and just wipe the whole surface. As you notice that the wipe is drying out, pull 1-2 extra wipes and dispose of the old ones. The wipe will neutralise harmful bacteria and viruses instantly. Our sanitising wipes are highly recommended for daily regular cleaning projects.

SaniCloth Universal Alcohol Free Wipes x 200 - Responsible disposal

A sanitising wipe will absorb a number of viruses and bacteria that could easily contaminate other areas. After you are done with the wipe, dispose of it in a hazardous waste yellow bag. Do not use the same wipe for a number of areas and always wear gloves to protect yourself

SaniCloth Universal Alcohol Free Wipes x 200

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