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Screening Discs 17 inch

  • Brand: Karbosan
  • Product Code: 2424
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17” Screening Discs

-aluminium oxide screening discs from Karbosan

-suitable for heavy duty commercial/industrial use

-highly recommended for the floor sanding industry

-very long lasting and premium finish guaranteed

-available in 80 grit, 100 grit, 120 grit and 150 grit

-compatible with all floor sanding floor buffers (17”)

-also suitable for sanding natural stone floors

-can be used for dry or wet floor sanding jobs

17” Screening Discs - Where to use

Our 17” Screening Discs are highly recommended for fine floor sanding projects and between coating sanding. After you are done with the classic drum or belt floor sanding machines, you can go over one more time with a 17” Screening Discs 80 Grit to remove all the imperfections from the surface and to create a perfect smooth base for coating. The 17” Screening Discs 100, 120 & 150 grit are usually used for between the coats sanding to achieve that perfect smooth finish. The screening discs can also be used for removing sealants and waxes from natural stone floors and generally for all types of very fine sanding.

17” Screening Discs - How to use

The 17” Screening Discs can be used with a standard low speed floor buffer. A white floor pad will be added in the top of the screening disc and then a floor pad holder over the white pad. The screening discs will achieve a perfect finish on all types of hardwood and semi solid wood floors. The screening disc will be able to go very close to the skirting as well. After the floor was coated with a primer, you can do one more light sanding with the 17” Screening Discs 120 Grit. Vacuum the surface well, apply the 2nd coat, wait to dry and you can do a final sanding with 150 grit sanding discs to achieve that perfect “glass” finish on wooden floors. The 17” Screening Discs are also great for removing glue and residue from floors.

17” Screening Discs - Quality

By choosing Karbosan floor sanding products you can be guaranteed that you are using premium floor sanding products which will help you achieve amazing, professional results. All Karbosan 17” Screening Discs are manufactured from premium quality components.

17” Screening Discs

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