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Scrubbing Brush

-heavy duty universal stiff cleaning brush

-popular with the carpet cleaning industry

-also great for scrubbing grout & floors

-manufactured from chemical resistant plastic

-suitable for commercial & domestic use

Scrubbing Brush

Stains on the kitchen countertops, dried-on residue on the living room floors, those grease splatters on the walls, the soiling that clients tracked onto your business premises- which built up and formed messes that stubbornly cling to the surface, that soap scum on the shower- they all call for thorough scrubbing action. The brush is an integral part of any cleaning arsenal, complementing the detergents being used. Without the right unit, the process can end up being an arduous chore. From units with such soft bristles that they leave behind the dirt on the surface, those where the bristles are too hard that you’re constantly worried about damaging the underlying material, cases of a brush without proper grip which therefore leads to it constantly slipping out of your hands- these can be frustrating, and are certainly not situations you want to find yourself in. Avoid the hassle by getting a high quality scrubbing brush. 

All-Round Cleaning

You can use this scrubbing brush on tiled surfaces and kitchen countertops, to the walls and scrubbing your bathtubs. It is comfortable to hold, with its design that gives you more grip and control while you carry out the task. Its bristles scrub all that soap scum, the heavy build-ups of grime that are on the surfaces, with the mechanical action boosting the cleaning power of the detergents being used. It feels comfortable in the hand, which is key in preventing you from getting fatigued quickly. 

Rated as food safe, the scrubbing brush is an ideal addition to your kitchen cleaning tools. Get rid of those stains that are riddling the work areas, from those caused by liquid spills to the meat products that were being diced up. It gives you the scrubbing action needed to restore the sparkle to the kitchen surfaces, getting rid of the gunk that would have otherwise caused an assortment of health risks. 

This is also a low maintenance product. Keeping it in good condition simply involves occasionally washing it in hot soapy water. You can also choose to use a dishwasher. For the medical industry where autoclaving will be required to sterilise the equipment, the scrubbing brush will be able to withstand the temperatures and pressures that are involved. 

Putting a colour coded cleaning system in place

This is where the 4 colours of these scrubbing brush come in. Although it’s not a legal requirement, putting in place a colour coding system is considered to be good practice and is thus used all through the cleaning industry, from commercial to domestic establishments. Basically, the cleaning equipment which should be used in the different areas of the establishment is identified based on its colours- which are green, yellow, red and blue. The scrubbing bush under review is available in these 4 colours. Here's how the system works: blue is designated to the general low risk areas- these are the likes of corridors, receptions, offices and classrooms; green is used for the bar area and those zones where food is prepared- note that with the commercial kitchens, there are usually storerooms and offices, in which case the other relevant colours should be utilised; red is designated to the washroom floors, toilets, wet changing areas and similar scenarios which have high risk of contamination; and yellow is used for those washroom areas where the risk is lower, like the washbasins, the doors, towel dispensers, pipework and sinks. 

The colour coded scheme is adopted for the different equipment, including the mops, mop buckets, cloths, and the scrubbing brushes. The setup indicated above is not fixed in stone. You can use any mode to specificy how the cleaning equipment in your establishment will be grouped. The focus is on ensuring that they don’t get mixed up, and that the cleaning staff strictly follow the colour coded scheme that you have developed. That way you won't have a situation where the washroom cleaning equipment is being used on the food preparation surfaces in the kitchen. A colour coded cleaning system reduces the risks of cross contamination, and also comes in handy when managing inventory. Are you a residential and commercial cleaning contractor? Your brand will get a boost once your clients also see that you have implemented a colour coded cleaning system for your equipment, giving you a more professional image.  

Scrubbing Brush

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