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Faber AC 300 Impregnator | Deep Water Repellent

Faber AC 300 Impregnator | Deep Water Repellent-quick drying natural looking impregnator-compatible with all natural stone floors-to be applied on unsealed natural stones-it will penetrate deep & ..

Faber Aqua Stop 1L

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent 100% deep penetrating waterproofing sealer suitable for all absorbent surfacesIt penetrates the surface fully without creating an artificial film over the surfac..

Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer-suitable for sealing terracotta, terrazzo, concrete-quick drying, non glazing solvent based sealant-1 L will cover around 30 sq meter of floors (+-)-it will not create a..

Faber AT Lux Solven Sealer

Faber AT Lux  Solvent Sealer-solvent based stain proof for natural stones-it will seal any type of natural stone surface-stain proof, water proof & very long lasting-high coverage, very fast ..

Faber ATS 60 Impregnator

Faber ATS 60 ImpregnatorSolvent based stain treatment for highly absorbent materialsThe product will penetrate the stone fully without glazing itSuitable for residential & high traffic commercial ..

Faber B1 700 Natural Look Stain Proof

Faber B1 700 Natural Looking Stain Proof-heavy duty solvent based stain proof and stone impregnator-suitable for sealing all types of natural stone floors & surfaces-it will not alter the look of ..

Faber Colour Enhancer Matt Finish 1L

Faber Colour Enhancer Matt FinishA deep penetrating colour enhancing matt sealer compatible with all absorbent materialsIt does not glaze the surfaces and it does not affect the breathability of the s..

Faber Concrete Hardener 5L

Faber Concrete Hardener 5L-water based water repellent sealer for concrete surfaces-it will aid the mechanical polishing of concrete surfaces-it will provide superior protection against water & di..
2-3 Days

Faber Deep Enhancer 1L

Faber Deep Enhancer 1L-solvent based impregnating, colour enhancing, stain proof & wet look protector-it will not glaze the surface and it will not create an artificial coat over the surface-to be..

Faber Deep Protector 1L

Faber Deep Protector Water repellent deep penetrating sealer that resolves the issue of rising water | humidityThe product is easy to apply and will provide outstanding protection for many yearsI..

Faber DREP | Deep Penetrating Water Repellent

Faber DREP | Deep Penetrating Water RepellentDeep penetrating water repellent sealer from FaberCompatible with all natural stone floors, walls, stairsFaber DREP will not alter the original look of the..

Faber Enhancer Plus 1L

Faber Enhancer Plus Colour enhancer solvent based sealer suitable for indoor & outdoor surfacesCompatible with all compact and non absorbent surfaces like marble and graniteIt penetrates the ..

Faber Finishing Wax 1L

Faber Finishing Wax | Stain Proof FinishWater based finishing wax suitable for highly absorbent surfacesCan be used for sealing and protecting terracotta, cotto, wood floorsSlightly glazes the top of ..

Faber Gres Protector | Stain Barrier For Tiles

Faber Gres Protector Stain-proof protector for all ceramic and porcelain surfaces100% invisible, low odour, non yellowing and easy to cleanIt will not enhance the colour of the surface and it wil..

Faber Gresslux | Stain Protector For Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Faber Gres Lux / Stain Protector For Porcelain & Ceramic TilesSolvent based matt finish impregnator and stain proofHighly recommended for porcelain and ceramic floorsIt will not glaze or create a ..
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