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-one of the most efficient kitchen degreaser

-this product has a dilution rate of 1 to 100

-suitable for commercial & domestic kitchens

-safe to use on plastic, chrome, paint, cooper

-suitable for washing walls, floors, ceilings, etc

-this product is made in Ireland with irish products

-reduces the work load & increases the speed


A Look At The Shift Kitchen Degreaser


No one likes a dirty kitchen. Preparing those sumptuous recipes for your family will not go according to plan if you’re surrounded by dried on food particles and greasy 
residues all over the appliances, walls and floors. In commercial establishments, whether it's your restaurant’s or hotel's kitchen, or even that in schools and health care centres, you want it to being top condition to adhere to health regulations, and also avoid tonnes of complaints from the chefs and any customers who happen to get a sneak peek at the conditions of the place where their food is being prepared. However, kitchen messes are a constant issue that will have to be dealt with every day. There’ll always be oil splatters that get to the walls and cabinets, occasional spills on the floor, and even caked-on material on your cooking appliances. These are not just unsightly, but they also reduce the efficacy of your operations. For instance, when the interior walls of your microwave or oven are covered in smudge that is literally baked into the surface, the heat distribution is affected, ruining how your meals are prepared. The decreased efficiency increases your power bills. After all, you’ll need more electricity or gas to get the food material properly cooked. Getting rid of the grime becomes a priority. How do you go about it? Scrubbing away at the stubborn smudges and spots can take a toll on you. The amount of time and effort that you spend removing that burnt on grease and rigid grime will irk and frustrate you, especially there is barely any semblance of progress being made- apart from your muscles bulking out and sweat dripping from your brow. That's not how you want every kitchen cleaning session to go. Get rid of the gunk by turning to the Shift Kitchen Degreaser.


Powerful products are needed to tackle the grease problem. However with enhanced chemical action, you need to also ensure that the surfaces that are being worked on are safe. For instance, you don’t want to be removing the grease splatters off the kitchen walls only for the paint to also come off, or the tiled backsplash getting corroded. There are also harsh cleaners that end up creating permanent stains on the surfaces, taking away the elegance of your kitchen. Since the kitchen is the core of the food preparation process, you also don’t want chemical residues being left all over that will risk contaminating the meals, affecting their integrity and putting the health of the persons you’re serving at risk. You want a product that will deliver on its mandate without affecting your operations. You can get that from the Shift Kitchen Degreaser.


What The Shift Kitchen Degreaser Gives You


1. Heavy duty cleaning action


The Shift Kitchen Degreaser is designed to make your grease clean-up efforts a breeze. Its powerful formulation cuts through the gunk with ease, enabling you to simply wipe it off the surface- instead of spending hours scrubbing with barely any results. From the caked-on residue in your appliances like ovens to the oil splatters that ended up on the countertops and floor, it will break down the gunk reducing your workload and increasing the speed of operations. An Irish product, the Shift Kitchen Degreaser enables you to effectively carry out your cooking activities at home, and get rid of those messes in your commercial kitchen. With the enhanced efficiency, you also fix the bottleneck problem- where your operations would have slowed due to more time and energy bring directed at scrubbing away at grease residues on the various surfaces. You get to restore the sparkle to the different sections of your kitchen, creating a conducive environment to prepare your meals, plus prevent hazards that come with continued grease build-ups.


2. Multi-surface cleaning


The Shift Kitchen Degreaser delivers its cleaning action on the different areas in the kitchen, from the stainless steel surfaces, plastic and chrome, all through to the painted surfaces. It will break down the grease without affecting the underlying surface, thus enhancing its elegance without risking its structural integrity. Whether it’s grease on your walls, floors, and even the ceiling of your kitchen, the Shift Kitchen Degreaser will enable you to get rid of it with ease. 


3. Safe for food areas


Food safety is critical. Whether it’s for your family at home, or the customers coming to your restaurant or hotel to check out your tasty dishes, you want to ensure that they are not at risk. With the Shift Kitchen Degreaser, you can carry about your cleaning activities with the peace of mind that the surfaces will be safe for food preparation. You also get to get rid of the grease that has built up without toxic fumes developing.


4. Easy application


Using the Shift Kitchen Degreaser is a breeze. Simply spray it to the surface you want to clean, scrub, wipe off the grime and rinse. It's that simple. For areas like commercial kitchen floors, allow a few minutes of waiting time after spraying it before the scrubbing. You'll need to dilute the Shift Kitchen Degreaser before using it. The specific ratio varies from 1:100 and 1:80 for light soiled areas and those daily routine cleans in the kitchen, 1:25 and 1:10 for medium level soiling, all through to 1:5 for when you need heavy duty power such as in industrial kitchen cleaning. It is recommended that you dilute the Shift Kitchen Degreaser with hot water, which will provide optimal results. For those areas that are heavily soiled, you can apply a prespray of the Shift Kitchen Degreaser, and allow it 5 minutes before you scrub the area.


5. Cost effective


The Shift Kitchen Degreaser is beneficial for your budget in a number of ways. First, it has a competitive price. This enables you to make savings right off the bat. Moreover, it comes highly concentrated. This means that only a little is needed for each cleaning session, as it will need to be diluted. As such, every purchase you make gets to take you for the long haul, covering huge areas of your establishment each time you go about the degreasing. Protecting the beauty and structural integrity of your surfaces is a welcome bonus since it means that you get to avoid being forced to make repairs that would have been costly.


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Shift Kitchen Degreaser


· DO use a pair of gloves such as latex or nitrile gloves when working with the Shift Kitchen Degreaser. This is to protect your skin.


· DO work in well ventilated areas.


· DON'T mix the Shift Kitchen Degreaser with other chemicals and cleaning products. This is to avoid reactions that may take place.


Shift Kitchen Degreaser 5L

Cleanfast Shift Degreaser MSDS


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