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Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White

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-commercial quality small pedeal fire bin

-suitable for bars, restaurants, public buildings

-painted with quality fire proof white paint

-its self closing lid makes it child friendly

-affordable, durable, efficient & cost effective


Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White Review

Fire destroys. Throughout history, it has burnt down forests, bridges, commercial buildings, hospitals, homes, causing losses to lives and investments. Whether is accidental fires or arson attempts, the result is the same- people get injured, families torn apart, and millions in investments goes up in smoke. You want to be able to avoid fire incidences on your property. This entails putting in place the necessary safety features that will be able to warn residents, extinguish flames as soon as they break out, all through to preventing them from happening in the first place. A common source of the fire is the items tossed into the trash. For instance, a simple cigarette butt coming into contact with shredded paper in the office bin sparks some flames that can fan out into an inferno. Hot elements from cooking activities can easily ignite flammable chemicals in the spray cans that held cleaning solutions or even floor treatment solvents, and then you'll be left counting losses as ensuing flames raze down your property. You can prevent this from happening by investing in the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White.


There are numerous kinds of combustible trash, ranging from paper, moving picture film, contaminated laundry, sanitary items, batteries, and cigarettes, all through to the explosive kind like celluloid cutting, spray cans, and even oil-soaked or gasoline- soaked rags. For a fire to start, all they need is ignition, and sufficient supply of oxygen. It’s a 3-piece set that only works when all the components are present: fuel, a spark or heat source and, thirdly, oxygen. Take out any of the 3, and there won’t be any flames to worry about. That's how the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White works. Here is what it gives you:


Benefits Of The Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White

1. Fire protection

Its main goal is to prevent fire outbreaks, and the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White doesn't disappoint. Its entire structure has been built towards achieving this end- from the fire resistant Polyester Powdercoated body, all through to the closing mechanism that shuts off air supply, preventing fire from starting, and extinguishing any embers within the trash. 


2. Proven quality

The Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White is certified to work. It has the Fire Retardant Cert SII 210/2, having undergone stringent tests to ascertain that it delivers what it promises.


3. Convenient waste management

You want it to avert fires and still hold a sufficient amount of waste, to take care of the amount that's constantly being generated in your premises. The Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White comes conveniently sized for handling ever day waste on residential and commercial establishments. Its 560mm height, 270mm width and 300mm depth allows it to fit onto the floor area without taking up much space. This means it can easily be incorporated in office buildings, educational institutions, all through to the wards and isolation areas in hospitals. The Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White has a 50L capacity, and can fit a 20" X 37" bag, which makes garbage management easier, since the interior walls won’t be soiled, and lifting the trash out of the bin during the collection days will be a breeze.


4. Built to last

The Zintec Pre-Coated Steel body of the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White is designed to give you years of usage. It stands up to the demands of daily waste management, from holding it in, to the unloading during garbage collection days. The strength of the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White also cuts down on repair and replacement costs, giving you higher value return for the amount you spend.


5. Self-closing lid

The lid of the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White shuts itself as soon as you lift your foot off the pedal. In addition to sealing off oxygen flow to inhibit flames, this also helps to keep out pests, flies and rodents. That way you won’t have to worry about the creatures rummaging through the contents of the garbage looking for a bite. This also enables the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White to control odours, preventing the smells from the contents of the trash from permeating through the rest of the interior space.


6. White colouration

Trash doesn’t have to mean disorder and disgust. Tossing it into the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White actually preserves the ambience of the premises. It makes the indoor space appear well kept, which is a plus for the image of your business premises. 


7. Comes with signage

The Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White has a "flammable substances" warning sign imprinted on its wall. This serves two purposes. First, it guides people on the types of trash that they should throw into it, preventing mix-ups. Secondly, it warns the passers-by of the contents, further increasing the fire safety of the premises.


8. Easy to use

Do you have a load of trash that you want to dispose? Are your hands full? Do you want to avoid touching the lid? The Fire Retardant Cert SII 210/2 has a hands-free operation. Simply press down the pedal with your foot to pop up the lid and toss in the waste. In addition to consuming less effort, it also enables you to avoid contamination. This makes it a healthy option especially in area where risks of infection are high, such as industries and heath care centres.


Tips For Using The Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White

· Never fill the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White beyond capacity, such that the lid cannot close. This will expose the flammable items, which will cause the very problem that you were trying to avoid. It will also attract pests that can spread the trash all over, increasing the risk of fire.

· Always empty the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White once it gets full, or when the garbage collection day arrives. Holding out for long only piles up the trash, which will inconvenience you.

· Place a bin bag in the Small Fire Retardant Pedal Bin White, to reduce your workload, from cleaning to taking out the trash. By lining the walls, the bag will prevent direct contact with the items in the garbage, preventing them from sticking to the bin.

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