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Socket Mop Terry Microfiber Strips 200G

  • A large 200 G universal microfiber mop head compatible with all floors

  • It can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of all types of floors

  • To be used in conjunction with warm water or PH neutral floor cleaners

  • Available in 4 distinct colours. Machine washable

  • Suitable for all types of residential floor cleaning and light commercial

  • Great for maintaining gym floors, surgery floors, office floors, retail, etc

  • It increases productivity and it enables you to clean without chemicals

  • It attracts even the finest grain of dust and it cleans 100% streak free

  • Thanks to the star-shape structure, it can fit in all narrow areas|corners

  • Innovative technology, highly cost effective | Handle compatible : 00631

Socket Mop Terry Micrifiber Strips 200G | Why Use It

In a world where everyone is trying to be as eco as possible, the new Socket Mop Terry Microfiber Strips 200G is definitely a step in the right direction. This top of the range microfiber mop head will remove all types of residue and light dirt without the need for having to use chemicals. Warm water and a bit of pressure and the dirt will transfer from the floor to the mop head. A light, ergonomic and very versatile universal microfiber mop head. Available in 4 distinct colours. Each mop is wrapped and sold individually.

Socket Mop Terry Microfiber Strips 200G | Where To Use

We recommend this professional quality mop head to all our residential customers and all “light” commercial customers. It can be used to clean and maintain all polished and unpolished surfaces. Safe to use on laminate floors, varnished or polished wood floors, ceramic floors, porcelain floors, all natural stone floors, marmoleum floors, vinyl floors, lino floors, altro | safety floors, etc. The mop will clean quickly and it will leave the surface streak free. The same mop can be successfully used for drying up high traffic floor areas in coffee shops, restaurants & other areas with high risk of spills. The microfiber fibers are highly absorbent. 

Socket Mop Terry Microfiber Strips 200G | How To Use

You can use the mop for your day to day floor cleaning and maintenance or you can use it in conjunction with a PH neutral floor cleaner. If you are likely to wash your floors every day or a number of times per day, you will not need to use any cleaning products. Just use the mop damp with warm water. For large floor areas with decent levels of traffic, you will need to use a mop bucket and some diluted PH neutral floor cleaner. By doing so, you increase the mops cleaning power and you will also protect the mops microfiber components. Place the mop in the bucket, allow direct contact with the cleaning solution for a few seconds until the mop looks wet, lift it up, put the mop head in the squeezer, squeeze it & start washing your floors as usual. You will notice that the mop head does not leave streaks of residue on the floor. It basically cleans like a flat mopping system.

Try the new revolutionary mop head that everyone is talking about. Order the new Socket Mop Terry Microfiber Strips 200G today. You will not be disappointed.

Socket Mop Terry Microfiber Strips 200G

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