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Squizzy 15L Colour Coded Mopping System With Wheels

  • Heavy duty mop bucket with foot operated wringer designed for professional use

  • The bucket has two liquid sides, one for clean water & one for dirty water

  • The wringer is operated by a pedal and two heavy duty rollers squizzers

  • The bucket is fitted with 50 mm rubber covered wheels that will not mark

  • All the metal fittings are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel

  • It will suit all domestic cleaning projects and small/medium office cleaning

  • Manufactured from heavy duty shock & chemical resistant plastic material

Squizzy 15L Colour Coded Mopping System With Wheels - Where to use

The new Squizzy 15L Colour Coded Mopping System With Wheels is a well made heavy duty mop bucket suitable for floor cleaning, floor maintenance and general cleaning projects. The mop bucket can be used with cold or hot water, is fully operated by a foot pedal and two roller squeezers. It reduces the need for using your hand to apply pressure to the mop head and it increases efficiency. The pedal and the steel frame are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel components. A proper top quality mop bucket suitable for all industries.

Squizzy 15L Colour Coded Mopping System With Wheels - How to use

The bucket is formed from a large bucket divided in two by a thick fixed plastic separator. You will need to fill up the front of the bucket with the cleaning solution and leave the bucket area under the squeezer empty. Place the mop in the cleaning solution, lift it up, put it between the rollers, press the pedal, you will notice that the system reduces the amount of cleaning solution from the mop head to avoid over soaking the floor & start washing the floor. Repeat the operation as you move along. From time to time empty the waste tank and refill the bucket with more cleaning solution.

Squizzy 15L Colour Coded Mopping System With Wheels - Recommendations

Use one mop bucket for low risk areas and use another mop bucket for areas with high risk of cross contamination. Always make sure that the cleaning solution bucket is clean and does not contain chemicals from other areas (or harsh chemicals). Do not leave the mop bucket exposed to direct sunlight and alway be aware of passing people. Use a wet floor sign to avoid accidents.

Squizzy 15L Colour Coded Mopping System With Wheels

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