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Earth2earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43" - 25 Bags Per Roll

  • Brand: Earth2Earth
  • Product Code: E2E3843STCL
  • Availability: 24

-25 bags per roll, clear, suitable for heavy duty use

-manufactured in Ireland, degradable materials 100%

-38” x 43”, it will fit more standard medium rubbish bins

-biodegradable plastic will fully disintegrate within 2 years

-suitable for domestic use & heavy duty commercial use

Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43" Review

With waste disposal, you want to ensure that it gets done right. From homes to business premises, proper waste management is a critical part of routine building maintenance, for healthy living and working conditions. The trash bag that is used is a key part of the process. When making the selection of the unit that will suit your particular needs, various factors are considered. Where will the waste end up? This determines the segregation of the waste, from the compostables, the recyclables, to those that will be taken straight to the incinerator. Size also comes into play. Here, the focus is on the bin that the refuse sack will be put in, plus the amount of waste that is expected to be handled. getting the optimal size for your establishment is important to avoid scenarios where the trash is spilling over, being forced to frequently keep changing the refuse sacks- which will ramp up your costs, to it being too big such that it results in wastage of material. Even environmental impact weighs in. After all, you don’t want to be adding to the growing problem of pollution that is caused by improper methods of garbage disposal. With the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43", you get products that are popular for their enhanced performance. Here is a look at what they have to offer:

Benefits Of The Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43" 

These refuse sacks have been developed to enable you get rid of the trash from your home or business premises in an eco-conscious way. The material is designed to be totally degraded once the refuse sacks have been disposed of to the landfills. It’s a two-pronged approach that starts out with the mechanical stresses that cause the refuse sacks to stretch and tear, the heat and exposure to the elements- or any combination of the factors. Once the breaking down process begins, it cannot be reversed, and the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43" continues being fragmented into smaller bits and pieces. The molecular weight reduces as the material loses its form, and the processes is further accelerated by the agents like the TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additive) that are in the material. The fragments of the refuse sacks are then fed on by microorganisms, and the by-products that are released - which include biomass, water and carbon dioxide, are safe for the environment. The process does not yield any toxic substances. 

The total degradation of the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43" aids in reducing the waste build-up that is in landfills. For starters, the refuse sacks themselves don’t stick around for the centuries that are witnessed with conventional plastic bags and wrappers. In addition, due to the rapid degradation of the product, the contents within the trash get to be released much faster, and are in turn exposed to the same elements and stresses, causing them to get degraded as well. This boosts the efficiency of the landfills, allowing them to be able to take on more trash without the local governments being forced to set up additional landfills. 

Designed to deliver 

When it comes to functionality, the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43" deliver as expected. The resins that are contained within the material give the refuse sacks enhanced strength, allowing them to retain their structural integrity while holding in the waste. This prevents those unfortunate incidences where trash bags get torn under the weight of their contents, making an unsightly mess. 

Different sorts of waste can be placed into the Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43". This includes chip bags and bar wrappers, the straws and bottle caps, kitty litter, empty aerosol cans, gift wrap and cards, crayons, pencils and pens, those pans and dishes that are no longer being used, to even substances like waste from cosmetic products, clothes and footwear that is too dilapidated to be used. Since the refuse sacks are clear, the garbage collection crew will be able to easily spot the contents and avoid injury, especially from the sharp objects that are tossed into it. 

Earth2Earth Standard Refuse Sacks - Clear - 38" x 43" Review

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