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Standard Yellow Dusters 50 cm x 30 cm / Pack Of 10

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 700S.14.10
  • Availability: 48

Standard Yellow Dusters 50 cm x 30 cm / Pack Of 10

-a proper cloth for deep cleaning and polishing

-it is suitable for wet and dry cleaning projects

-highly popular with the commercial cleaning

-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning

-sold in packs of 10 cloths (also available bulk)

Standard Quality Yellow Dusters For Surface Care

Tiny particles, many of which are barely visible to the naked eye, get airborne and carried around by wind, and go landing on desks, chairs, window sills, blinds, electronics, countertops- pretty much any surface. Sand and soil, pet dander and pollen, fabric fibres and plant material, dead dust mites and the faecal pellets of the microscopic creatures, parts of decaying insects, dead skin- they all contribute to the make-up of the dust. When it accumulates to high levels, the visible dust becomes an eyesore. One immediately translates it into an image of neglect- which is not a sight you want for your home or business premises. It can be unnerving, taking away your peace of mind and preventing you from being able to fully concentrate on your tasks. This is in addition to the awkward comments from guests who have come over, to your home, or the customers in your business premises. When you run your finger on a surface and a path is formed on the dust, it is already overdue for a clean. Dusty workspaces and homes are a contributing factor to the sick building syndrome, that decreases the productivity of affected persons. Routine dusting is required to improve the health standards of the workplace, encourage neatness, and improve operational efficiency. When the dust is inhaled, it irritates the respiratory tract, causing havoc especially to persons with allergies. When allowed to accumulate on the electronic equipment, it can even damage them. Left unattended the dust builds up and thickens in the corners and other hard to reach areas, and has even been known to interfere with the heating and cooling systems of a building. Things don’t have to get to that point. Routine dusting will prevent this from playing out, and provide conducive living and working conditions. For the dusting, one needs to have proper equipment at hand, which is where units like the Standard Quality Yellow Dusters come in. The dusting should be done regularly, especially on the horizontal surfaces.

Benefits Of The Standard Quality Yellow Dusters 

  1. Effective dusting and polishing

With the Standard Quality Yellow Dusters, you get to easily lift off the dust that is coating the surfaces of your establishment. The duster is an essential part of the cleaning kit, enabling you to carry out the task quickly. From removing the loose debris before you kickstart the cleaning process, to buffing the surfaces after the washing and rinsing in order to bring out the shine, the Standard Quality Yellow Dusters will be up to the task. This particular unit is ideal across the board, from homeowners handling the routine chores, to cleaning contractors with multiple clients to serve. 

  1. Multipurpose

The Standard Quality Yellow Dusters have a wide range of applications. From janitorial usage and contract cleaning in both residential and commercial establishments- where cleaning crew are looking for equipment that is both durable and reliable for working on multiple surfaces on a daily basis, cleaning the surfaces in kitchens and those involved in the catering industry, dealing with areas like schools, hotels and public venues that handle high levels of traffic and the surfaces need to be frequently dusted and polished, all through to industries involved in the manufacture and processing of goods, and even for cars to wipe the bodywork clean and restore the shine to your ride. Use the Standard Quality Yellow Dusters to remove the layers of dust that have built up on the countertops and window ledges, in the closets in your bedroom or the work desks in office buildings, to the pockets, cupholders and nooks and crannies of cars.

  1. Machine washable

After you’re done working on the surfaces with the Standard Quality Yellow Dusters, simply toss them into the washing machine to remove the dirt that they have collected. This enables them to retain their efficacy. Note that you should wash them separately from other clothes and fabrics. 

  1. Pocket-friendly

With the Standard Quality Yellow Dusters, you also get to save on your budget. They have been affordably priced, and are available in 3 different sizes: 50 x 34cm, 50 x 40cm and 50 x 50cm. That way you get the suitable unit for your particular needs. What’s more, you can choose to acquire the dusters in 200 x 10 bales, which come at a discounted price. As such, you will be in a position to meet the cleaning needs of our establishment without straining your resources. 

Standard Quality Yellow Dusters For Surface Care

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