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Stone Wood Stain

-a grey oil based wood stain from Tover

-to be used on wood floors and furniture

-to be applied with a cloth or a floor buffer

-suitable for commercial and domestic use

-will cover around 20-30 sq meter per L

-requires sealing with a two pack varnish

-it looks amazing when used on pine floors

-high coverage, cheap and easy to apply 

Stone Wood Stain - Why stone

Stone Wood Stain is the ideal wood stain for people who think that light grey wood stain is too light and other types of dark grey wood stains are too dark. The Stone Wood Stain will create a nice grey finish on bright coloured wood surfaces and it will create an elegant colour on darker types of wood surface. There are a few wood stains within this colour range with slight differences between them. Different types of grey in other words.

Stone Wood Stain - Where to use

The Stone Wood Stain is fashionable right now. Many people are looking to achieve a unique grey finish and the Stone Wood Stain provides just that. It creates very grey surfaces on pine and it creates dark grey finishes on oak. It also looks great on furniture, handles, chairs, frames, skirting boards, etc. A universal wood stain suitable to use on many different wood surfaces. It is very important to only apply this wood stain to new or newly sanded wood surfaces. The wood stain has to penetrate the wood to be able to change the colour. Also after staining, the surface has to be sealed before use, the stain offers no protection.

Stone Wood Stain - How to use

Old wood surfaces - sand the whole surface with proper sandpaper. Start with 40 grit and go up to 100 grit before applying the wood stain. Make sure that the wood is clean and dust free. 

New wood surfaces - make sure that the wood surface is dry and sealant free. Some factories use anti moist treatments on new furniture or wood floors. These sealants could prevent the wood stain from penetrating. Do a small test in a corner before using it on the whole area.

  1. Stir the tin well before use to even up the colour

  2. Put a pair of gloves on and prepare a cloth for staining

  3. Soak the cloth in the stain and start rubbing it against the wood

  4. Avoid touching carpets or other surfaces that don`t require staining

  5. Go over uneven or patchy areas one more time to even it up

  6. Wait 3-8 hours before applying a coat of sealant over the stain

Stone Wood Stain - Coverage area

Softwoods will absorb more while hardwoods will absorb less. The quality of the sanding job done before the staining is also essential. Either way, you can easily achieve 20 to 30 sq meters of wood floor per 1L of wood stain. If you are a professional flooring contractor using professional wood staining wood tools, you can achieve 50+ sq meters per 1 L of wood stain.

Tover Stone Wood Stain

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