Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags

Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags

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Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags


 -biodegradable Stronghold Clear Bin Bags `18" x 29" x 37"

-suitable for commercial and domestic rubbish collection

-it will hold with ease up to 30 kg of wet and dry rubbish

-available in rolls of 25 bags or boxes of 200 bags (on rolls)

-those quality bin bags are very well priced & very strong



Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags

Garbage, the by-product of daily domestic and commercial activities, will constantly be churned out. In fact the average annual amount of waste generated by persons in Europe is 477 kg. With increased consumer spending habits, and the fact that most of the stuff that’s purchased eventually winds up in the trash, whether it's containers whose contents have been depleted, all through to leftover food material, and even electronic waste, the trend is not about to buck any time soon.


It's one of those facts that we have to live with. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be suffered through. That’s where bins come in play. They provide suitable holding facilities to keep the trash until the garbage collection crew arrives and carts it off to be recycled, to the landfill, incinerated or composted. Otherwise there would be a health crisis brewing. In areas where waste is not properly managed, disease outbreaks are almost guaranteed, plus there’s the discomfort of being surrounded by haphazard piles of grime. Using bins ensures that the persons on the premises won’t need to endure the sight of gunk sprawled all over, plus it reduces the hazards like fires from paper waste and chemicals left lying about. You want your bins to operate optimally, and have a prolonged life. That's a job for the Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags.


You don’t want the gunk in the bin to begin oozing out and spreading on the floor of your establishment. The smell and site are nauseating. That’s not the living conditions you want in your home, or the environment to transact your business operations in your commercial establishment. You also don’t want the organic matter, like the decomposing food, attracting the neighbourhood raccoon, stray dogs and other scavengers, and not to mention the pesky flies. The bin itself is also at risk. There may be contents in the trash that are corrosive, and could end up discolouring the walls of the bin and making you start looking for a replacement sooner than you had anticipated. Speaking of the walls, the sticky gunk will latch onto them. This means than whenever the bin is emptied on the collection days, you’ll have the additional task of washing the interior surfaces to get rid of the slime and muck on them. When it comes to the collection itself there's the additional risk of the contents being spilled onto your property. All it takes is a slight miscalculation, when the bins are being carried or lifted into the garbage truck, for it to open and dump the waste on your manicured lawn or elegant driveway.


On top of this all is the fuss that you’ll be putting the garbage collection crew through. There are even risks of getting damaged by glass and metal pieces plus other sharp objects in the waste as they transfer the waste from the bin into the truck. You can avoid this by investing in the Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags.Benefits Of The Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bag 1. High strengthThe Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags walks the talk. Its thick nature enables it to carry loads of trash, up to 30kg. It has the space to hold it in too, coming in at 18" x 29" x 37". This makes it suitable for use in both domestic and commercial establishments. Whether you’re looking to toss recyclable products like cardboard boxes, packaging material and plastic products into it, glass bottles and jars, gas containers, paint tins and metal utensils, depleted clothing and shoes, all through to garden waste, the Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags will be up to the task. 2. Aesthetic appeal.


There's no law that waste management has to be a messy, unsightly affair. The Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags helps prove that. For starters, it's stylish by itself. It will look good on the bin, all through to when taking out the trash. Secondly the clear nature enables you to be able to segregate waste. Persons throwing substances in the bin will be able to see what it’s meant for. The clear bin bags are usually used for the recyclables, ranging from paper products such as newspapers, magazine, wrapping paper, junk mail, envelopes, shredded paper, cardboard boxes like for cereals and pizza, toilet and kitchen roll tubes all through to food and drinks, the yoghurt pots, ice cream and margarine tubs, food trays, plus fruit and vegetable punnets. However, the specific waste management program detailing how you separate the contents of the trash depends on the requirements of your particular establishment. 3. Eco friendly The earth is ours to protect. It’s a duty that rests on each of our shoulders and the fate of future generations literally depends on it. Waste is a problem for the environment all over.


Each year it is estimated that over 2 billion tonnes are dumped all around the world. A huge portion of it ends up in landfills. The increasing contents make oxygen vital for decomposition to be in limited quantities, causing bacteria responsible for the process to carry it out anaerobically. This leads to production of greenhouse gases such as methane and more carbon dioxide. Then there are the environmental impacts to the soil, water bodies and the wildlife that scavenges on the material. Plastics cause everything from clogging of drainage systems, to choking of the animals, and not to mention reduce the soil’s ability to support plant life. The Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags have been designed with Mother Nature in mind. They are completely biodegradable. This means that they’ll be wholly broken down through natural processes, reducing the build-up of the content in landfills. This also makes them suitable for dumping compostable materials. The nutrients in the waste get released back into the environment, thus enriching the soil to promote biodiversity. The Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags are also reusable. Hence, investing in them enables you to effectively manage the waste that is generated in your residential or commercial establishment and simultaneously join global concerted efforts aimed at protecting this fragile blue planet of ours. 4. Budget friendlyThe Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags are affordably priced, enabling you to reduce your establishment’s waste disposal budget. Moreover, their strength attributes means that you won’t have to worry about the bags getting ripped open as you lift them out of the bin. This removes the need for double-bagging, ensuring that you get the most out of each of the Stronghold Biodegradable Clear Bin Bags.


Stronghold Biodegradable clear Bin Bags

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