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Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths

  • A premium quality, heavy duty thick microfibre cloth suitable for “fancy” cleaning

  • Highly absorbent, very well made, available in grey color with a border

  • Manufactured from extra thick terry woven based on active microfibres

  • Size : 40 cm x 38 cm | 320 G | Sold in packs of 10 | machine washable

  • Suitable for restaurants, bars, pubs, gyms, public buildings, retail, schools

  • It works wonderfully with water only or very soft neutral surface cleaners

  • The border of the cloth is available in 4 colors to avoid cross contamination

  • This microfibre cloth is also popular with the car cleaning and maintenance industry

  • It reduces the need for using chemicals and it leaves the surface spotless

Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths | Why Use

Being cost effective and highly efficient is the secret to a great business. This professional microfibre cleaning cloth is manufactured from heavy duty components, it requires no chemicals to achieve great results, it is suitable for residential and commercial cleaning and it can be machine washed hundreds of times. Unlike other types of microfiber clothes, the new Superjim XL Microfiber Cloth does not lose its shape or its fluffiness after being machine washed. So if you are on the market for a proper thick microfiber cloth, you need to check out the new Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths.

Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths | Where To Use

The amazing Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths is highly popular with the professional cleaning industry for obvious reasons. The cloth will achieve spectacular results when used on stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, glass, wood, chrome, painted surfaces, etc. The new Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths is in big demand with restaurants, schools, pubs, hotels, gyms, hair salons, shops & also the residential cleaning industry. One of the thickest and heaviest microfiber cleaning cloths available on the market. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning projects. Due to its thickness and its fine soft fibers, the Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths is also perfect for dry dusting surfaces. 

Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths | How To Use

This professional microfiber cleaning cloth was designed for cleaning and maintaining all kinds of surfaces without having to use harsh chemicals. The strongest cleaning product needed should be a PH neutral cleaner. Lightly pre-spray the surface and give it a light scrub with the new Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths. You will notice that all the dirt has transferred from the surface to the cloth. You can also use it in conjunction with furniture and surface polishing sprays. Due to its fluffy fiber, the cloth will achieve a super glossy finish on all polished surfaces. 

You need to feel it in your hands and use it to fully appreciate this professional microfiber cleaning cloth. It works better than other similar cloths, it is much more durable and it feels special. The new Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths are available in a dark grey color. Each cloth has a coloured border. The point of the coloured border is to avoid cross contamination. You can use cloths with different coloured borders for each area. 

Superjim XL Microfiber Cloths

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