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Junckers Sylva Cleaner Wood Floor Cleaner 1L

€21.27 Ex Tax: €17.58

-highly efficient wood floor cleaner & wood maintainer

-a proper wood floor cleaner for commercial wood floors

-it will deep clean and refresh all types of wood floors

-to be diluted at least 1 to 100, low foam, very active

-highly recommended for sport rooms or sport arenas

-to be used with a mopping system or a scrubber drier

Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L Review

You want the elegance of your wood floor to last. After all, its aesthetic appeal is a core reason why you forked out loads of cash to have a wood floor installed for your residential or commercial establishment. With the numerous species and colourations available, no doubt you also spent plenty of time selecting the design that matches your taste, and brings out your personality. You don`t want all this effort being washed down the drain, which is why regular care is vital. Whether you`re a homeowner looking to have your interior décor standing out, impressing guests who come over, or you run a business and you want to give your workspace a professional image, keeping your wood floor in optimal condition is key for this. You may even be a realtor looking to spruce up the residential, retail or office space, in readiness for showcasing to potential tenants or buyers. You want to gain the confidence of interested parties. They will be keenly observing the floor for evidence as to whether or not the establishment is well cared for, which will guide their decision on making the purchase or signing a lease. The regular care is to protect more than just the beauty of your floor installation. The functionality of your wood floor is at stake. Factors such as its sound absorbency and heat insulation attributes are put on the line. Part of the reason why wood floors are so popular is their ability to reduce noise levels- which is why they are also installed in music halls and dance studios. Since the structure reduces heat loss from the building, you also get to save on your monthly energy bills. You don`t want to be forced to run your HVAC units harder and for longer, simply because the floor- one of the largest structures in the building- is not playing its role in the overall energy efficiency of the establishment. Finishing the floor, such as by treating it with lacquers, provides a layer of protection; and also proceeds to accentuate the surface by making the wood grain more pronounced, or even providing a hue that enhances the décor. The next step is instituting a regular cleaning program, and that`s where the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L fits right in.

The dirt and grime building up on your wood floor is a threat to it. From soiling tracked into the building under peoples shoes or the paws of your furry friend, pet fur and dander, to the food crumbs and faecal waste of insects coming to feed on them- the grime comes from different sources. These particles don`t only just take away the appeal of the interior space. They are abrasive underfoot. It's like using sandpaper on the floor in tiny bits, and the higher the level of traffic, the faster the rate at which the abrasion occurs. Over time, the finish coats that had been applied are worn down, and when left unchecked this exposes the bare wood underneath, resulting in high risks of issues like water damage, and takes away the floors protection from solar radiation. Regular cleaning will prevent things from getting out of hand. However, not just any product can be used on the lacquered wood floors. Harsh chemicals will corrode the finish- thus reducing the floors protection, and there others which will dull the surface or cause staining. You want to remove the soiling, not wash away the finish coats together with it. Those all-purpose cleaners and other solutions used on other surfaces in the premises, from the countertops to the sinks and tiled walls, aren`t automatically safe for use on your wood floor. You want a product that has been designed or the task, and you can get that with the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L.

Benefits Of The Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L

1. Thorough clean
Your goal is to get rid of the dirt and grime that is on the surface of your wood floor, restoring its elegance- and that's right up the alley of the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L. It has been formulated to dissolve the soiling that has built up on the floor, allowing you to easily mop it off. Its anionic surfactants pull the grime particles off the affected surface, increasing the efficacy of the process. Whether you`re employing the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L for daily or periodic cleaning, it is up to the task, delivering quality results.

2. Versatile
You can use the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L across the scope, on lacquered and oiled wooden floors. It will get rid of the dirt and grime without posing a risk to the treated surface. With its undiluted pH of 7.5, and diluted pH ranging from 6 to 8, you can rest assured that it is safe for your wood flooring.

3. Easy application
Using the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L is a breeze. Start by shaking the cleaner in its container well, then prepare the cleaning solution you`ll use. Depending on the level of soiling, dilute - 2 dl of product with 10 litres of water. Grab your cloth, mop or preferred cleaning equipment, soak it in a solution of the product, wring it, then proceed to mop away the grime. In case you’re using a cleaning machine, especially for those large floor areas, ensure that the water dispensing rate is low. You don`t need to flood the floor.

In case you are in the process of relacquering the floor, to give it a fresh new look and feel, first remove the dirt with the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L as usual. Follow this up with the Junckers Sylva Neutralizer, which will ensure the surface is ready for the lacquer to be applied.

4. Economical
The affordable price of the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L enables you to make savings from the word go. Moreover, since the cleaning gets rid of the dirt and grime that are a threat to your floor, you get to avoid costly repairs that would have cropped up down the road. Regular care of your floor with the Junckers Sylva Cleaner 1L will prolong the life of your installation, and enable you to enjoy it all through.

Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Cleaner

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