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SYR Microfiber Flat Mophead

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-this microfiber pad has huge dust collection capabilities

-it can absorb about 1 litre of moist at once

-it will leave your floor spotless and streak free

-suitable to use on all types of sealed or unsealed floors

-it has velcro back & it will work with most flat mops

-this mop is suitable for polish or sealant application

-our microfiber flat mop heads can be washed 3000 times

-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning


How Microfiber Flat Mop Heads Will Revolutionise Your Cleaning Efforts

Cleaning your floor doesn't have to be a hassle. You just need the right cleaning product for your type of floor, and the optimal tool to apply it with. Don’t you want a mop that reduces the amount of cleaning solution you use? Wouldn't you love a product that can effectively remove the dirt and grime off your floor, while requiring minimal effort from you? The microfiber flat mop head has been designed to address all these needs and more. It’s one innovation in the cleaning industry whose popularity has grown exponentially since its inception. It all comes down to 3 points: It’s convenient, easy to use and it’s effective. 


What Is A Microfiber Flat Mop Head?

On the surface, it's basically tiny fibers woven together to create a fabric that you can use to clean your floor. The beauty is in the details. The fibers are made of nylon and polyester. They are significantly smaller than any other material used to make mops. When woven together, they create tiny pockets that effectively trap dirt and water. It makes it highly absorbent. It's like a very dense net-like structure with millions of spaces that has been designed to fit on your mop.


Reasons Why You Should Get A Microfiber Flat Mop Head


· Attracts the dirt and dust from your floor

Instead of you having to chase after the dirt, the mop actually draws it out. Microfiber flat mop heads are manufactured to be positively charged. The dust and dirt particles on your floor are naturally negatively charged. As you mop the floor, a static charge is created. The mop head draws out the particles like a magnet attracting pins. It pulls the dirt and grim towards it and trapped it in its crevasses. The strong attraction ensures the dirt picked up stays within the mop. You won't be pushing it out back onto the floor. It stays in the material until the time you'll wash it. This greatly enhances its cleaning ability, and drastically reduces your workload.


· Small microfibers

They are really tiny- even up to 100 times smaller than human hair. This unique trait enables the microfiber flat mop head to penetrate into the pores on the surface of the floor and bring out the dirt and grime. It’ll get into those tiny nooks and crevices that traditional mops simply cannot reach. You get to have better results when cleaning your flooring.


· Absorbent

The microfiber material has over 100 times more surface area compared to natural textiles the same size- including the cotton cloths and loops used for mopping. The microfiber flat mop head can hold 6 times its own weight in water. Moreover, while the traditional mops can only absorb around 70% of moisture, the microfiber flat mop head can absorb about 98%. This means you can readily clean up spills, and deep cleaning will be a breeze. Using this mop head will result in a dryer surface, reducing the chances of 'slip and fall' accidents. It also cuts down on the time you'll have to spend waiting for the floor to dry.


· Reduces cleaning time

Its large area means you can cover more floor surface at one go. This increases efficiency. In addition, traditional cotton mops need to be continuously rinsed and wringed. You’ll have to keep dashing back and forth to your mop bucket. That costs you time, especially when you're working on large floor areas. It also makes you more tired. With the microfiber flat mop head, this issue is resolved. Its absorbency and enhanced ability to trap dirt reduces the number of times you'll need to change the bucket water. If you're using a spray mop system, you won't even need to worry about dragging around a bucket.


· Easy to control

You can use the microfiber flat mop head to reach tough areas like corners and under furniture. You won't also be slapping cleaning solutions onto the wall. It will clean up stains and huge soiling like muddy prints and food spills, to small particles like pet hairs, dust, crumbs and skin cells shed onto the floor.


· You'll use less water and cleaning products

All the features combine to make the microfiber flat mop head more economical in the amount of cleaning solution that you will need. The less amount of the products you use per cleaning schedule, the more savings you'll make, whether you’re cleaning our home or you're a cleaning company working on an office complex.


· Lightweight

You shouldn’t break your back when you’re cleaning your floor. When traditional mops are soaked they can get very heavy. On the other hand, a microfiber flat mop head may only reach around 3lbs (1.4kg) when wet. This means that you'll be spending less energy to clean your floor.


· Longer life

The microfiber flat mop head can be laundered many more times compared to the traditional fibres. In fact, you can machine-wash it hundreds of times and it'll remain in top condition. This makes you more savings in the long run.


· Infection control, and reduces cross-contamination

When using the traditional wet mop, you must continuously dunk it into the mop bucket for more cleaning solution. That mixes up the dirt and contaminates the cleaning solution. You'll end up mopping the bacteria, dirt and viruses back onto your floor. On the other hand, when using microfiber flat mop heads, you can carry a container of solution with multiple microfiber flat mop heads inside. As you mop, you get one mop head out, wring it and throw it to the ground where you'll easily attach it to your mop. You can use different mop heads for different areas- like one for the bathroom and the other for the dining room. The issue of cross contamination is beneficial to both residential and commercial properties. It reduces the chances of illnesses from our homes all the way to educational and health establishments like schools and hospitals.


· Mother Nature will appreciate it

There are hundreds of cleaning products out there that have a huge impact on the environment due to their toxic fumes and harsh chemicals. A microfiber flat mop head is environmentally friendly as it requires less chemical cleaner and water compared to traditional mops and cloths. In addition, you can easily use it with eco-friendly cleaning products. You will get to ensure quality indoor air for your household members and the people using your office complex, and reduce your ecological footprint (the amount of impact you, as a person, business or an organization, has on the environment). 


Microfiber Flat Mop Head - professional results for less!

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