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  -top of the range professional sanding discs -100 grit sanding disc is suitable for fine sanding -it will fit most types of edge sanding machines -made from very high quality materials (Hermes) -suitable for sanding wood, cork, plastic, walls   Working With Fine Grit Velcro Sanding Discs  ..
€0.55 Ex Tax: €0.45
  200 MM Sanding Discs 100 Grit / Velcro Back -sanding discs suitable for Lagler Trio floor sanding machine..
€0.77 Ex Tax: €0.63
€4.67 Ex Tax: €3.80
  Sanding Belt 200 MM x 750 MM - 100 Grit..
€4.67 Ex Tax: €3.80
€7.37 Ex Tax: €5.99
  -very good quality professional screening discs -it will work with a low speed 17" floor scrubber -suitable for finishing all types of wood flooring -our screening pads can be used on both sides  -much better quality than simmilar screening discs -highly popular within the floor sanding indu..
€7.37 Ex Tax: €5.99
    -some of the most durable sanding belts available in Ireland -made from top of the range aluminium oxide components -the 100 grit sanding belt is suitable for the fine last sanding -it will even up the floor and create a flat & smooth surface -suitable to use with most commercial belt sand..
€6.08 Ex Tax: €4.94