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 -very strong biodegradable 100% waste bags-recommended for commercial, schools, pubs-available in boxes of 200 or single rolls of 25-made from quality 52 micron organic plastic-its size : 26 x 44 will fit most rubbish bins in Ireland-one of our the most popular plastic black bag  Bio..
€5.54 Ex Tax: €4.50
26" x 44" Standard Refuse Sack - Green / 200 Bags Earth2Earth Biodegradable..
€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40

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-some of the most affordable and durable clear refuse sacks-suitable for commercial and domestic waste collection-this bag it will hold up to 30 kg of wet and dry general waste-available in rolls of 25 bags per roll or boxes of 200 bags-this type of bag is very popular with the food industry A ..
€3.20 Ex Tax: €2.60

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Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 37.5 Micron -quality biodegradable heavy duty refuse bags-one of the strongest refuse bags available-suitable for domestic and commercial use-it will hold up to 10 kilos of general waste-it comes in rolls of 20 or boxes of 200 bags-26” x 44” , black, fully de..
€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50
-standard size 26” x 44” or 660 mm x 1120 mm Blue-manufactured from recycled & 100% degradable plastic-suitable for commercial and domestic waste collection-it will fit most standard Irish bins & it is sold in rolls of 25 bags-very strong, degradable and manufactured in IrelandEco-friendly W..
€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40
Earth2earth 26” x 44” Standard Refuse Sacks / Red / 25 Bags Per RollPremium quality recyclable plastic bags manufactured in IrelandSuitable for residential, commercial and industrial waste collection26” x 44” size, red, holds 22 kg of waste, available in rolls of 25Suitable for collecting recycled i..
€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40

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Earth2earth Bio Based Carbon Captured 26” x 44” | All Colours 100% recyclable, 100% top quality and 100% better than classic plasticEarth2earth Bio Based Bags are manufactured from sugarcane ethanolMuch better quality than standard plastic bags and much “greener”The bags 3 layer co-extrusion re..
€6.40 Ex Tax: €5.20
-top quality professional degradable plastic bags-manufactured 100% in Ireland from recycled plastic-suitable for heavy duty domestic & commercial use-all Earth2earth bags will fully break down in 2 years-the bags are sold in rolls of 10 large degradable sacks-26” x 44” will fit most types of ru..
€9.09 Ex Tax: €7.39
-26” x 44” or 660 mm by 1120 mm, cream, heavy duty-100% degradable plastic bags manufactured in Ireland-all Earth2Earth plastic bags will fully break down in the ground-sold in rolls of 25 bags per roll or boxes of 200 plastic bags-manufactured from recycled plastic materials (locally sourced)Earth2..
€6.14 Ex Tax: €4.99
-domestic suitable standard refuse bags from Earth2earth -sold in rolls of 25 bags or boxes of 200 degradable bags-manufactured in Ireland from recycled components-degradable plastic back break down in full within 2 years-26” x 44” , cream, will fit most standard bins in Ireland With The E..
€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40
-manufactured in Ireland from recycled plastic materials-100% degradable plastic bags from Earth2earth brand-it will fit all standard bins in Ireland - large 26" x 44" -suitable for commercial and domestic waste collection-plastic degrades harmlessly to water and carbon dioxideGoing Green With ..
€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40

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Heavy Duty Black Bags 65 Micron - 26" x 44"25 bags per roll, will fit most standard binsSuitable for heavy duty industrial/commercial useOne of the strongest bin liners available in IrelandAlso suitable for heavy duty construction useAffordable, cost effective, re-usable, very thickHeavy Duty Black ..
€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50
Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks / Large 26" x 44"Heavy duty yellow plastic bags suitable for clinical wasteManufactured in Ireland from recycled plastic componentsSold in boxes of 200 , 8 rolls x 25 heavy duty yellow bagsIt will hold over 20 kg of clinical or hazardous waste/rubbish26” x 44” , it is com..
€59.03 Ex Tax: €47.99