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€19.67 Ex Tax: €15.99
  -very powerful deodoriser and bacteria killer-it contains a very strong apple perfume-suitable to use on carpets & fabric-it can be added to the solution tanks-it can be used for mopping & spraying-odour neutraliser and air freshener Craftex Apple Fresh 5L - Where to useThis..
€19.67 Ex Tax: €15.99

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 -very powerful deodoriser and air freshener-suitable for commercial & domestic use-suitable to use on carpets, fabrics, floors,etc-it will also get rid of a wide range of germs-it has a very high dilution rate 1 to 100-it will treat urine,vomit,smoke,faeces odours-it will neutralise the re..
€22.13 Ex Tax: €17.99
€23.36 Ex Tax: €18.99
 - one of the most powerful bactericidal deodoriser- superb quality product with a very special perfume-suitable for use on carpets, fabrics, floors, walls, etc-this product will identify the source of odour & it will kill it-no similar product available from other brands-suitable for domes..
€23.36 Ex Tax: €18.99
€17.21 Ex Tax: €13.99
 -powerful bactericidal deodoriser suitable to use on carpets and fibers-it will get rid of bad bacteria and it will refresh any surface treated with it-it contains a very unique and refreshing Fresh Wintergreen Fragrance-suitable for removing bad odours generated by pets, smoke, food, vomit-re..
€17.21 Ex Tax: €13.99