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-premium quality microfiber cleaning cloths-40 cm x 40 cm, 220 GSM, very thick cloth-suitable for domestic & commercial cleaning-re-washable, efficient and superb elasticityGet Quality Cleaning Results With The Blue Microfiber Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Blue / 220 GSMMicrofiber revolutionised the clean..
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 -high quality microfiber cloths suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning-made from very absorbent material much more efficient than standard cloths-come in 3 different colours to avoid using it for the wrong cleaning jobs-brilliant for dusting, window cleaning, furniture polishing, scre..
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  -superb quality microfiber pad capable of absorbing a lot of moisture -it can be rewashed over 3000 times time without losing its qualities -suitable for lightly scrubbing finished & unfinished wood floors -it can be also used for applying sealants, polishes or varnishes -it will fit any of t..
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  -microfiber washing pad with reinforced power -capable of cleaning, scrubbing and polishing -it will absorb up to 250 ml of cleaning solution -it reduced the need of using buffers or scrubbers -suitable for cleaning small & medium size floors -it will work with any type of velcro flat pad ho..
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  -a microfiber flat mop head designed for plastic floors -suitable for cleaning sealed & un-sealed plastic floors -also suiable for washing all types of natural stone floors -it will work with any velcro flat mopping system up to 50 cm -it will improve the quality & the speed of floor cleaning..
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Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls - Blue-premium quality universal all purpose cleaning cloths-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs-it can be used for wet cleaning and daily dry polishing-350 sheets per roll, highly durable, washable, light-the roll fits all types of center fe..
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-high quality multi purpose cleaning cloths-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning-it can be used for wet or dry cleaning projects-affordable, durable, easy to use, light, tough-available in packs of 50 cloths - blue clothsA Look At The Optima Proclean Spunlace All Purpose ClothsThis is a l..
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Premium Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth Blue 40 cm x 40 cm / 300 gsm..
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  -professional microfibrer cleaning cloths -very absorbent & very long lasting cloths -suitable for commercial & domestic use -sold individual or in pack of 10 cloths   Microfiber Cleaning Cloths   What You Need To Know About Microfiber Cleaning Cloths   Change is constant. Gone are the d..
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-top quality glass & mirror cleaning microfiber cloth-it will clean fast and leave no streaks on glass/mirrors-40 cm x 40 cm, priced per cloth, blue, very affordable-suitable for commercial and domestic window cleaning-also suitable for polishing & maintaining glossy surfacesCleaning Your Wi..
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