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  -professional quality 1 Ply hand towels -suitable for low to medium traffic area -approved for direct contact with food -certified under EU flower eco label  -quality interleaved hand towels (zig/zag) -it will realse 1 sheet at time to avoid waste   A Look At The Katrin Classic Zig/Zag 1-P..
€49.19 Ex Tax: €39.99
-quality z fold blue hand towels made in Ireland-1 ply , 40 gsm per ply, 100% recycled paper-3000 sheets per box, size : 230 mm x 230 mm-suitable for schools and general public buildings-very reasonable prices & very good quality Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets ReviewWashing hands af..
€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00