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€14.40 Ex Tax: €11.90
Bona Freshen UpWaterborne maintenance coating for frequent maintenance of wooden floorsIt will seal and refresh all types of wooden floors that were sealed with a varnishManufactured from pure polyurethane dispersion for an exceptional durabilityCan be used for overcoating domestic and high traffic ..
€14.40 Ex Tax: €11.90
€54.44 Ex Tax: €44.99
 -a high quality enhancer for oiled or waxed floors-efficient on all types of oiled or waxed floors-contains 2% solvent and it is made from organic oils-it will increase the protection against water spillages-very easy to apply and very easy to maintain Bona Hard Wax Oil Refresher – Where ..
€54.44 Ex Tax: €44.99
€25.33 Ex Tax: €20.93
 -a very easy to use oiled floor refresher that contains polyurethane-the floor will be ready to use only 2 hours after the last application-no complicated cleaning equipment required, just spray & wipe-it will enhance the look of your floor and it will increase the protection-suitable to u..
€25.33 Ex Tax: €20.93