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  -top of the range professional sanding discs -100 grit sanding disc is suitable for fine sanding -it will fit most types of edge sanding machines -made from very high quality materials (Hermes) -suitable for sanding wood, cork, plastic, walls   Working With Fine Grit Velcro Sanding Discs  ..
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  -180 mm sanding discs suitable for fine sanding -all our sanding disc are made in Germany (hermes) -the 180 mm sanding discs fits more edger sanders -very tough, very durable and also very affordable -suitable for sanding wood, ceramic, cork, walls, etc    5 Major Applications For The 180 m..
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  -the 40 grit sanding disc is suitable for heavy duty sanding -it will remove most types of floor finishes, paint, glue, etc -the 180 mm sanding disc will fit most types of sanding edgers -much more durable than other similar discs available in Ireland -availbe in boxes of 25 or packs of 100 d..
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  -heavy duty sanding discs suitable for rough sanding -it will remove paint, floor finishes, rust, render, plastic -the 180 mm sanding discs will fit most sanding edgers -our discs are much more durable than other similar products     Working With Medium Grit Velcro Sanding Discs   The 1..
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  -one of the most cost efficient sanding disc -suitable for floor sanding, carpentry, painters -suitable for sanding wood, walls, cork, paint -all our sanding discs are made in Germany -it will fit most types of professional edgers   How To Apply 80 Grit Velcro Sanding Discs For Maximum Bene..
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    200 MM Sanding Discs 120 Grit / Velcro Back..
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  Sanding Belt 200 MM x 750 MM - 100 Grit..
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